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10 Symptoms Of Vitamin C Deficiency You Should Know About

By Neha Ghosh

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that is required in an individual's daily diet. Vitamin c is important because it is not only necessary to strengthen your immune system but also it plays a role in many of the body's processes.

Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant is needed to promote the function of the circulatory system and also for good cellular growth. It is also a powerful vitamin that helps prevent cancers, lowers the risk of heart disease, promotes healthy glowing skin, slows down the ageing process, assists the body in absorbing iron and calcium, boosts the immune system and lowers stress levels.

If you are deficient in vitamin C, a variety of signs will show up in your body. The symptoms of vitamin C deficiency is a serious issue and in order to prevent this deficiency of this essential nutrient it is required to include lot of vitamin C rich foods in your diet.

The following are the 10 symptoms of vitamin C deficiency.


1. Hair Loss And Brittle Nails

If you are suffering from extreme hair loss problems or your nails are too brittle then it is a sign of vitamin c deficiency. Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for maintaining collagen and proteins that provide the hair strength. The hair loss can deteriorate if you have less than the ideal levels of the vitamin.


2. Bruises

Sometimes, you will notice bruises in your body without even getting hurt this is because there is a lack of vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C is also recommended to those people who bruise easily as this vitamin is required for cellular reparation that helps the wounds to heal quickly.


3. Swollen Gums

A daily intake of vitamin c keeps your teeth and gums healthy. So, if there are low levels of vitamin c in your diet you will be suffering with swollen or bleeding gums that may lead to an increased risk of gum disease like scurvy.


4. Dry Skin

Who doesn't want a smooth and diseased free skin? Everyone does so in order to have a smooth and glowing skin vitamin C is required. If you are noticing too much of wrinkled dry skin then it's a sign that there is a shortage in vitamin c. Vitamin c makes the skin better and reduces the risk of premature ageing.


5. A Painful Body

Are you are suffering with constant body pain then it is the right time to look into your diet? Chronic pain in the body and joints is a symptom of vitamin c deficiency. Vitamin c is essential for having strong joints and lack of this vitamin causes weakening in the cartilage that protects your joints.


6. Fatigue

A deficient in vitamin c leads to fatigue as you easily get tired and always low in energy. So, vitamin C is required for proper mental and physical functioning. A lack of this vitamin will increase the feeling of exhaustion.


7. Cardiovascular diseases

Vitamin c deficiency leads to cardiovascular diseases because it supports the functionality of veins, arteries and cells. Vitamin C cleans the blood and helps to eliminate toxins out from the body.


8. Rapid Mood Swings

It is normal and healthy to experience regular mood changes but if you are undergoing too much of mood swings then it is a symptom of vitamin c deficiency. You may become irritable and short-tempered due to a lack of this vitamin. An adequate amount of vitamin c will control the hormones that cause bad moods and also will give you mental stability.


9. Infections

Vitamin C helps in boosting the immune system of the body and fights against infections. A deficit of this vitamin will tend to develop more infections and also it will reduce the ability to destroy pathogens that causes diseases and infections.


10. Nose Bleeding

If you are encountering frequent nose bleeding then it is a symptom of vitamin c. Adequate intake of vitamin c decreases the fragility of small blood vessels

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