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Why Sprouts Are Essential For Our Health

By: Sneha A

Due To Its High Nutritional Value, It Will Not Be Inappropriate If We Call Sprouts A Wonder Food. Thus The Importance Of Sprouts On Our Health Should Never Be Underestimated. To Those Who Are Not Very Familiar With Sprouts, Let Me Inform You That Sprouts Are Nothing But Germinated Seeds Of Certain Grains And Legumes.

There Are A Number Of Varieties Of Sprouts, For Example, moong dal, alfafa, fenugreek, gram, Brussels, black Beans, split Peas, pinto Beans, garbanzo Beans, kidney Beans, Etc. all These Seeds Are At The Top Of Their Nutritional Value When They Are Germinating.

As A Seedling These Sprouts Are Power Packed With All The Essential Nutrients That A Plant Requires To Grow In The Initial Stage. Normally, After Seven Days Of Sprouting These Sprouts Tend To Have The Strongest Concentration Of Nutrients.

These Are Often Locally Grown Food And Are Power Houses Of Energy And Nourishment, So A Number Of People Make Sure To Add These Into Their Daily Diet. The benefits Of Eating Sprouts Are So remarkable That In naturopathy, These Are Even Considered As Medicine.

These Are Helpful In Providing Nourishment To Every Part Of our Body. Here are A List Of Benefits That Sprouts provide:


Great For The Hair

Sprouts Are Of Great Value For The Health Of Your Hair. These Have Quite An Amount Of vitamin C, Which helps In The Growth Of Long And Luscious Hair. It Helps In Getting Rid Of The Free Radicals That Can Lead To The Hair becoming Weak And Thin. It Prevents Disorders Like Alopecia And Male Pattern Baldness.


Repairs And Strengthens The Capillaries

Sprouts Have Properties Of Repairing And Strengthening The Capillaries. It Also Helps In The Formation Of New Blood Vessels That Improve The Circulation Of Blood In The Body.


Rich In Vitamins

Sprouts Are Very Rich In vitamins A, B Complex, C And E. The Amount Of vitamin Increases Up To 20% In A Seed Within A Few Days Of Sprouting. Studies Have Shown That In Bean Sprouts There Is A 285% Increase In Vitamin B1.


Helps In Weight Loss

because It Is Rich In Fibre Content, it Plays An Extremely Vital Part In The Weight Loss Process. It Increases The Metabolism Of The Body And Plays A Major Role In flushing Out The Toxins from The Body.


Loaded With Essential Fatty Acids

Sprouts Are Also Loaded With Essential Fatty Acids. These Fatty Acids Are Not Easily Found In Our Diet; Hence, By Including Sprouts In Our Daily Diet We Give Our Body Ample Amount Of These Nutrients Which Are Extremely Beneficial For Our Body.


Helps In Alkalizing The Body

The Importance Of Consuming Sprouts Can Be Understood From The Fact That It Is Helpful In Alkalizing The Body. it Protects The Body From Life Threatening Diseases Like Cancer, Which Is Often Linked To The Increase Of Acidity In The Body.


Rich In Iron

Sprouts Are Also Extremely Rich In Iron, Which Help In Carrying Oxygen To All The Vital Parts Of The Body. We All Know That iron Is Extremely Important For The Proper Functioning Of The Human Body And The Effect Of Its Deficiency Is Quite Well Known To One And All.


Rich In Anti-Oxidants

Sprouts Are Also Extremely Rich In Anti-Oxidants And These Anti-Oxidants Are Important For The Maintenance Of The Health Of The Hair, Skin, Nails, Etc.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 19:45 [IST]
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