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What To Do After You Eat A Lot Of Sweets During Navratri?

The great Indian festival of Navratri is here, which means it is time for celebrations, family reunions and, not to mention, yummy sweets! So, you need to follow some tips to remain healthy during the festival.

Navratri or Dussehra is a popular Indian festival that is celebrated for a span of nine days and most families prepare different dishes and sweets on each of the days, in accordance with the traditions.

So, quite naturally, people tend to indulge in eating a lot of sweets during this time of the year, as it can be rather tempting.

However, consuming excess amounts of sugar can lead to various health complications.

Eating a lot of sweets can lead to weight gain, indigestion, a spike in the blood sugar level, fatigue, bloating, cavities in the teeth, etc.

So, there are a few precautionary measures you need to take before and after eating sweets, especially during the festival time.

Here is a list of healthy tips to follow when you eat too many sweets during Navratri, have a look.

Tip #1

Eating a lot of sugary foods at once can quicken your digestion, leading to digestive issues, so eating a few nuts can help your body absorb the nutrients better and also slow down the digestion rate.

Tip #2

Tips to stay healthy during festivals, after a sugar binge, include taking a brisk walk or climbing the stairs for a few minutes. That way your body will use up the calories from the sugar.

Tip #3

Tips to reverse the effects of excess sugar consumption include drinking green tea, as green tea is a diuretic that can help eliminate the extra sugar through urine.

Tip #4

Tips to stay healthy during festivals include planning your meals beforehand. If you are going to eat a lot of sweets during lunch, have a low-calorie breakfast and dinner.

Tip #5

Drinking lemon juice after a sugar binge also helps to remove the waste and excess sugar from your blood, as lemon can flush it out of your system.

Tip #6

Tips to stay healthy during festivals include eating a lot of vegetables, as the fibre content in vegetables can cleanse your tummy and eliminate the excess sugar stored.

Tip #7

Avoid storing the sweets after the celebrations are over. Distribute them to your friends or the needy, and in that way, you can prevent sugar binges after the festival is over!

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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