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What Happens When You Eat Ragi Everyday

By: Ajanta Sensation

Nowadays, everyone craves to have a size-zero figure. Moreover, to achieve that perfect hourglass figure, you even start to cut down on your full-fledged diet and look for various fat-free options instead.

In order to lose weight, you also start hunting for the ready-to-eat breakfast cereals, which are easily available in the market. However, you may not know that these cereals may contain loads of sugar, glutens and high-fructose corn syrups that can increase your body fat.

Thus, if you want to shed those extra kilos and also be healthy at the same time, it is very essential to go for a clever selection of healthy food options.

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The best option is to pick the refined and natural cereals such as granola, multigrain, unflavoured oatmeal and ragi cereals.

Ragi is a popular crop which is mostly found in Asia and Africa in large quantities. Ragi is a robust crop which usually grows at high altitudes and can endure cruel climatic conditions.

In India the biggest producer of ragi is Karnataka. This nutritious cereal has a plethora of benefits and it abounds with protein, calcium, iron and many more minerals.

Ragi is low in unsaturated fat and high in fibre, which makes it an ideal weight-loss cereal. So, following are the numerous benefits of eating ragi daily, take a look.


Keeps Diabetes In Check

One of the amazing health benefits of eating ragi is that it helps to lower the possibility of diabetes. This is because ragi is loaded with polyphenols and dietary fibres. The amount of fibre present in ragi is higher as compared to wheat, rice, brown rice or other types of grains. The high fibre content in ragi retards the speed of digestion, which helps in reducing your blood sugar level. The glycaemic index of ragi is very low due to which it can be considered as a perfect afternoon or evening snack, and it also helps to keep your blood sugar level under control.


Cures Anaemia

Ragi is rich in iron and hence it aids in raising your blood formation if you have low levels of haemoglobin or anaemia. This is one of the many benefits of eating ragi daily. In order to combat anaemia, you must consume sprouted ragi, which includes vitamin C that helps in iron absorption in your body. Thus, instead of taking loads of iron pills, make sure to incorporate sprouted ragi into your diet on a daily basis.


Anti-ageing Property

One of the various benefits of eating ragi daily is that it is quite helpful in keeping your skin young and vivacious, and thereby in preventing premature ageing. Ragi contains some essential amino acids namely Lysine and Methionine, which aid in the formation and conservation of skin collagen. These important constituents help in maintaining the flexibility, softness and liveliness of your skin and thus in preventing sagging and wrinkles.


Excellent Source Of Amino Acids

Ragi contains a number of amino acids such as Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine, Isoleucine and Methionine, which aid in combating depression and anxiety, muscle functioning, blood formation and in sustaining body's metabolism.


High In Protein

Ragi is also rich in protein, which makes it a very valuable cereal to prevent malnutrition. If you are a vegetarian, then ragi can be very beneficial to your health because it can fulfill the amount of protein that is necessary for your body.


Decreases Your Cholesterol Levels

One of the numerous health benefits of eating ragi is that it helps to cut down on the levels of your blood cholesterol. The Methionine and Lecithin amino acids present in ragi help in reducing the cholesterol levels by taking out the extra fat from your liver. The Threonine amino acid in ragi averts the fat formation in your liver.


Aids In Weight Loss

The Tryptophan amino acid in ragi aids in controlling your appetite. When you add water to ragi, which contains high fibre content, it keeps your stomach full for extended time periods. Being low in unsaturated fats, ragi proves to be a perfect cereal if you are looking for weight loss.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 3:00 [IST]
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