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7 Surprising Foods That Can Make You Completely Tired!

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Do you feel extremely tired quite often? Do you feel that you are following a rather healthy diet and a regular exercise routine, and yet, you are plagued with fatigue?

If yes, then there are certain foods included in your daily diet that could be the reason for your unexplained fatigue.

Feeling tired and lethargic all the time can seriously hamper your daily activities.

You will not be able to concentrate on work or studies, you may not be able to participate in extracurricular activities and you may also not be able to fully enjoy a fun event.

Fatigue usually means that your body's metabolic rate has come down and your brain function has reduced, leading to lethargy.

Normally, people with certain metabolic disorders like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc., are more prone to fatigue.

However, if you are not suffering from any major ailment and you still suffer from constant fatigue, then may be it is time to look into your diet.

Did you know that there are certain common foods that could be making you tired all the time, without your knowledge?

Have a look at the list of foods that can make you feel extremely tired, in this article.


1. Oatmeal

While oatmeal is a healthy snack on its own, when added with sugar, chocolate or maple syrup, it can increase the blood sugar level and lead to energy loss later in the day.


2. Nuts

When nuts are eaten in excess, they can lead to indigestion, which in turn makes you tired, as nuts are high in fat content.


3. Flavoured Yoghurt

Flavoured yoghurt is again high in sugar and fat content, which can increase blood pressure just moments after consumption, thus reducing your energy level.


4. Potato Chips

This tasty snack is a heavily synthesised food, which is very rich in starch that can make you feel tired and lazy all the time.


5. Red Wine

Consumption of excess red wine can make you feel dehydrated, causing tiredness and dizziness the next day.


6. Coffee

Drinking too much coffee can make a person feel restless and overactive, so later on in the day, they can experience energy loss, making them feel more lethargic.


7. Energy Bars

Energy bars, rich in sugar, can also make a person feel tired, if he/she is snacking on them regularly, ironic indeed!

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Story first published: Friday, August 5, 2016, 15:26 [IST]
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