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9 Amazing Benefits Of Organic Food Products

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Today, organic food products are gaining immense popularity among health-conscious people. Doctors and nutritionists are also suggesting people to change their food habits and consume more of organic foods.

However, before knowing the benefits of organic food products, you must know what these products are. Many of you may just have heard the term but wouldn't have a clear idea about such foods.

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Actually, organic foods are those food items that are grown and cultivated without using any synthetic chemicals, harmful pesticides, any petroleum-based fertilizers and bioengineered genes (GMOs).

Not only agriculture, but animal rearing can also be done in an organic way. Thus, you get crops, fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, milk and lots of other food products without the presence of any harmful chemicals that otherwise might only deteriorate your health.

Also, there are more advantages than only health benefits of organic food products.

For example, as there is no usage of harmful pesticides and chemicals, the soil and water bodies don't get contaminated and people can be saved from passive effects of these.

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Like this, there are several other benefits of consuming organic foods. We all know that an apple can take good care of our health. But, if we eat an apple which is full of GMOs, it can not do anything helpful to you.

Thus, to know more about the benefits of organic foods, read on.


1. They Prevent Diseases:

Several scientific researches have shown that the organic fruits and vegetables contain 40% more antioxidants than non-organic products. Therefore, organic ones are effective in reducing the risk of heart diseases, cancer, high blood sugar, etc.


2. Free From GMOs:

Mixing animal genes to plants and vice versa is going against the rule of nature, which can't result in good. Using bioengineered genes to produce more yield, bringing about unrequired mutations in the food items, will definitely not improve anyone's health. In organic foods, GMOs are not used. So, those are definitely beneficial.


3. They Taste Great:

Organic foods mean that the food items are grown or cultivated naturally. Therefore, they taste natural, crunchy and also juicy. The natural taste and aroma remain intact in organic foods, which is the greatest plus point.


4. More Nutritious:

While talking about the benefits of organic food products, you can't overlook this one. As these food items are completely free from harmful chemicals, the nutrients remain as it is in these products. You can get all the benefits of eating any particular item when it is organic in nature.


5. Better For The Environment:

Apart from the health benefits of consuming organic food products, there are lots of other advantages. As there is no use of pesticides, chemicals, etc, the soil and water remain uncontaminated. Besides, this type of farming reduces pollution, increases fertility and consumes less energy.


6. Better Effect On Animal Reproduction:

One of the major reasons of infertility among mammals, including human beings, is the non-organic and chemical-oriented foods. If animals are fed on organic elements, they will produce better than those who are fed with only non-organic foods. So, for organic eggs, meat and milk, the animals must be on an all organic diet.


7. Cheaper Foods:

Though there are some expensive ones, maximum organic food items are within your reach. If you grow a kitchen garden, you can get farm-fresh veggies and fruits easily. These foods prevent several critical illnesses, so you can save money on medicines too.


8. Controls Soil Erosion:

Today, the earth is suffering from several environmental degradations and one of the most important degradations is soil erosion. Organic farming can save the earth from this deadly incident. Here, farmers are trained to cultivate by preserving soil fertility and its erosion. So, this is definitely one of the vital benefits of using organic food products.

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Story first published: Friday, July 29, 2016, 6:30 [IST]
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