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How Eating Mushrooms Can Keep You Healthy

By: Debdatta Mazumder

A plate of hot mushroom risotto at breakfast or lunch can make your day, right? Mushroom is an edible fungus that not only tastes great, but also has several health-related benefits associated with it.

According to the nutritionists, mushrooms have a miraculous impact on several health issues like cholesterol, high blood pressure, anaemia, etc. Therefore, you must know the details of health benefits of eating mushrooms and include them in your diet.

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There are several types of mushrooms that are available in the market. The button mushrooms, pinhead mushrooms, pear-shaped puffballs, etc, are some of the popular edible mushrooms.

Due to the presence of protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and lots of other components, the benefits of eating mushroom are numerous.

There are almost 140,000 species of mushrooms around the world. But, only 10% are discovered by the scientists, and 100 species among them are regarded as edible due to the presence of healthy minerals and vitamins in them.

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Obviously, there are loads of health benefits of eating mushrooms on a regular basis. If you’re on a veg diet and are thinking how to compensate the lack of meat protein, include mushrooms in your diet.

Mushroom is such a food, which contains all the attributes that are found in beans, meat or grains. To know the benefits of eating mushrooms, you have to read on about the elements that are present in this healthy fungi.


1. Lean Protein And Fibre:

Both of these elements in mushrooms help in reducing bad cholesterol in your body. While lean protein burns the cholesterol in your body, the fibre components maintain the balance of HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) in your body.


2. Iron:

Mushroom is also a rich source of iron. Therefore, it is effective in building red blood cells and keeping you active and functional. Due to the presence of iron, you can fight fatigue, lethargy and joint pain caused by anaemia, when you consume mushrooms on a regular basis. Consider it among the benefits of eating mushrooms.


3. Linoleic Acid:

The benefits of eating mushrooms are numerous. Did you know that it also protects you from breast cancer? Due to the presence of linoleic acid, mushroom helps in keeping the balance of oestrogen in a woman's body checked, which is the hormone that causes breast cancer after menopause.


4. Beta-Glucans:

These are the components in mushrooms that slow the growth of cancerous cells that cause prostate cancer. Several medical researches have shown that mushroom has a medicinal value to stop the spread of free radicals in your body. Obviously, this is one of the benefits of eating mushrooms.


5. Natural Insulin And Antibiotics:

While talking about the health benefits of eating mushrooms, you can't ignore its effect on diabetes. Mushroom is a rich source of natural insulin and other enzymes that help in breaking the starch or sugar into simple digestible molecules. Also, the natural antibiotics in mushrooms prevent diabetic patients from suffering further infections.


6. Calcium:

After 30, many women suffer from bone decay. It happens due to the lack of calcium in their body. If you want to have strong bones and prevent the chances of suffering from osteoporosis, this is the right time for you to start eating mushrooms, as it is a rich source of calcium.


7. Vitamin D:

When you have nutritious foods that contain calcium, you need to have some other foods with vitamin D as well, to absorb the calcium in your body. Mushroom is a superfood in itself. It is a rich source of vitamin D that helps absorb the calcium and phosphorus from different food sources.

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Story first published: Sunday, May 29, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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