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Health Benefits Of Isabgol

इसबगोल खाने का सही तरीका | Isabgol Health Benefits | Boldsky

The other name of isabgol is Psyllium husk. Many Indians use it as it can prevent constipation and certain other digestive issues.

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But at the same time, don't over eat it as it could cause stomach cramps. Also, people who have stomach issues may need to stay away from it.

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But others who have no medical issues can consume it in moderation and enjoy the following health benefits.


Benefit #1

To get some relief from constipation, add a couple of teaspoons of isabgol to a cup of hot milk and consume it before bed. The fibre content in it works well in curing constipation.


Benefit #2

Mixing isabgol with milk and drinking it after a meal can also cure acidity.


Benefit #3

Add 2 spoons of isabgol to 3 spoons of curd and consume it along with your meals during lunch and dinner. It can cure diarrhea.


Benefit #4

Isabgol also controls your cholesterol levels and protects your heart. It can also limit fat absorption from your food.


Benefit #5

In a cup of warm water, add a spoon of isabgol and a few drops of lemon juice. Take this before your noon meal as it helps in losing weight by controlling appetite. It also eliminates waste material from the body.


Benefit #6

Isabgol can slow down glucose absorption. It is how it can control the levels of blood sugar.


Benefit #7

Those who suffer indigestion can consume isabgol along with buttermilk as it can promote digestion.


Benefit #8

It acts like a laxative that softens the texture of stools. So, people with anal fissure may feel relieved from the pain experienced when passing hard stools.

Story first published: Friday, September 16, 2016, 8:15 [IST]
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