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Health Benefits Of Cow Ghee

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Cow ghee is healthier than other options as it contains many nutrients, anti-viral agents, anti-fungal properties, anti-bacterial properties, anti-oxidants,a and fatty acids too.

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It tastes good and enhances the taste of the food when you use it in your recipes. Some people apply cow ghee on roti or chapathi and others prefer it along with rice.

Massaging your body with cow ghee can enhance your immunity too. Also, when you apply a spoon of cow ghee on burns, it soothes and heals the wound faster. Cow ghee is said to minimise unhealthy cholesterol, speed up your metabolism, treat hair loss and also keep your heart healthy.

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But wait: you should not consume cow ghee excessively as it may cause unwanted weight gains. Obtaining pure ghee is also a challenge as additives may spoil all the health benefits it offers. And if you wish to use cow ghee in your meals, consult a doctor first.Now let us discuss about the benefits of cow ghee.


Benefit #1

Many people are not yet aware that using cow ghee in small quantities in diet can enhance digestion. It works like a stimulant on your digestive system.


Benefit #2

Certain studies claim that cow ghee can also prevent the growth of cancer cells.


Benefit #3

Using cow ghee can be good for your appetite and immune system too. Rub a small teaspoon of ghee on your roti and eat it.


Benefit #4

Certain sources also claim that cow ghee can boost the quality of sperm and enhance men's libido.


Benefit #5

Cow ghee is also good for your skin, eyes and also your energy levels. But use it in very small quantities.


Benefit #6

Add a pinch of cow ghee to a cup of hot milk and consume it before sleeping. Your digestion will get better and your system gets cleaned when you wake up.


Benefit #7

People of ancient India believed that cow ghee is good for boosting memory and intelligence.


Benefit #8

Those who suffer bleeding nose can try this remedy after consulting a physician. Rub a drop of ghee gently to the tip of the nose and nostrils for 2-3 days.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 11, 2016, 15:24 [IST]
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