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Health Benefits Of Consuming Curry Leaves Daily

By: Rima Chowdhury

On a general note, curry leaves are used to make cooking easy and tastier. Curry leaves also known as curry Patta and are commonly known to have a lovely taste with a refreshing fragrance. Do you know what the health benefits of curry leaves are? Keep reading to know all about it...

The Scientific name of curry plant is Murraya koenigii that belongs to the Rutaceae family. Curry leaves are native to India and are widely found in tropical and subtropical regions. Besides India, curry leaves are also grown in China, Australia, Ceylon and Nigeria.

Every one of us are open to curry leaves due to its wide availability and lower price.

In India, the leaves resemble 'Neem' and is often known as Sweet Neem. However, besides being used in kitchen counters, there are various uses of curry leaves too.

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Due to a large amount of antioxidants found in curry leaves, it is believed to have several medicinal properties like being anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-carcinogenic and hepatoprotective, which is the capacity to protect the liver from damage.

There are various uses of curry leaves, but it is especially known to treat hair problems other than treating various other issues like indigestion, excessive acid secretion and peptic ulcers.

Curry leaves are extremely advantageous for the hair. While some people think curry leaves can just be used to enhance the flavour of the savory; they land up throwing the rest of the plant in trash.

Curry leaves are far more important than what anyone of us have realised. Let's say these ancient leaves are now the latest black in the market.

So, here we would share some of the health benefits of curry leaves that you must have a look at.


1. Improves Digestion

It is believed that curry leaves help to improve digestion and also help in absorbing bad fat of the body. Since weight gain can be a problem to most of us, curry patta helps us giving a remedy to these. Apart from improving digestion, it also helps to lose weight. You can drink curry leaf juice or add curry leaf paste to buttermilk for improved digestion and weight loss results.


2. Helps In Treating Urinary Problems

Due to a large amount of antioxidants present in curry leaves, it helps to tackle all the problems related to the urinary bladder. Drinking curry leaf juice with little of cinnamon powder is an effective home remedy to treat urinary problems.


3. Controls Diabetes

Now, age is not the matter anymore. The disease that can strike you at any age is called diabetes. Diabetes forms one of the most dangerous disorders contracted by a person, apparently giving rise to another bunch of illnesses. Curry leaves have proved to be useful in treating diabetes. It is due to them being antihyperglycaemic in nature, which helps control glucose in the main stream of blood.


4. Treats Morning Sickness

For those, who are suffering from morning sickness, they would probably know the cons of this minor disease. Morning sickness is identified as nausea and most of the pregnant women suffer from vomiting in their second trimester. Adding some curry leaf powder to lemon juice with little of jaggery can help treat morning sickness. Not to forget, take this drink twice in a day.


5. Treats Inflammation In The Body

Curry leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the inflammation of the skin. Applying curry leaf paste or oil over inflamed skin can help you to benefit with better results.


6. Good For Eyes

Curry leaves are enriched with vitamin A, and hence it proves to be extremely beneficial for the eyes. You would be surprised to know, but the fact says curry leaf juice is used as an eye treatment for certain eye disorders. Also, various researches have proved that including curry leaves in daily meals can avoid the risk of contracting cataract.


7. Skincare

Curry leaves can be quite beneficial for the skin too. Curry leaves prove to be a boon for people who suffer from year long skin rashes and boils. Using a paste of curry leaves and adding a pinch of turmeric to it helps to soothe the skin and calm down the irritation. Curry leaves are often applied to bruises and eruptions on skin for a quick cure.


8. Lowers Cholesterol

A recent study says, curry leaves possess beneficial properties that help to lower the cholesterol level in a person. Being rich in antioxidants, curry leaves help to prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol in the body, thus resulting in increasing the right amount of cholesterol in the body. Drinking fresh curry leaf juice daily helps to keep a check on weight and also avoid bad cholesterol buildup. Besides this, curry leaves help to prevent the risk of heart stroke and atherosclerosis.


9. Beneficial For Anaemia

Using curry leaves for treating anaemia is one among the best grandma's tips from olden days. Packed with a high amount of iron, curry leaves help to provide iron in the main stream of blood, which further helps in proper oxidation. The easiest way to include this is to take a handful of curry leaves and a handful of methi seeds in a bowl. Soak them overnight and add it to ½ a cup of yogurt. Have this every day in the morning.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 3:00 [IST]
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