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What Happens When You Drink Tulsi Water With Turmeric Every Morning?

If you are one among the hundreds of frustrated people who are tired of running to expensive doctors every time they fall sick, then it is time you sought the help of natural health drinks!

Yes, we understand how hard it can be to make time to go to a doctor, even for minor ailments and empty your pockets at the hospital.

While it is a fact that seeking a doctor's advice is important, it is also true that we must try to improve our health naturally, so that we can prevent getting a number ailments.

Our kitchens and gardens hold a number of powerful natural ingredients that can infuse our body with rich nutrients and minerals that can keep various ailments at bay, and they can also treat certain disorders.

Did you know that the mixture of tulsi and turmeric come with a number of health benefits?

Just heat some water in a pan, add a few leaves of tulsi (basil) and a teaspoon of turmeric to the pan, turn off the heat, pour the mixture into a cup, your drink is now ready.

Have a look at the benefits of tulsi and haldi mixture, here.


1. Treats Cough

The mixture of tulsi and haldi can be a home remedy for cough, as it can reduce inflammation in the throat and dissolve mucus.


2. Treats Asthma

his natural health drink can treat asthma, as it dilates the veins in the respiratory tract, thereby improving breathing.


3. Detoxifies The Kidneys

This homemade health drink has the ability to flush out the toxins and waste from your kidneys, keeping them cleansed and healthy.


4. Relieves Stress

Drinking this natural health drink every morning can help calm your nerves and relieve stress by increasing blood flow to the brain.


5. Treats Constipation

By improving our bowel movement, this homemade health drink can ease away constipation symptoms.


6. Reduces Acidity

The anti-inflammatory property of this health drink has the ability to soothe your stomach and neutralise the acid levels, reducing acidity.


7. Treats Ulcers

As this natural health drink has healing properties, it can treat ulcers in the mouth, stomach, etc.


8. Improves Digestion

By improving the production of digestive juices, this homemade health drink can boost your digestion.


9. Cures Headaches

By drinking the mixture of tulsi water and haldi every morning, you can get rid of sinus and stress-related headaches.


10. Reduces Allergies

As this natural health drink detoxifies your blood from within, it can reduce certain types of allergies.


11. Prevents Cancer

This natural health drink has the ability to prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer, as it contains powerful phytonutrients.


12. Reduces Cholesterol

This homemade health drink has the ability to reduce cholesterol by dissolving the fat tissues that are accumulated in the body.

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