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Benefits Of Sauerkraut (Sour Cabbage)

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Sour cabbage has many health benefits. Firstly, it contains very few calories and also offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

It also offers fibre and antioxidants too. Many people eat a teaspoon of sour cabbage on a daily basis as it contains phosphorous, potassium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K and even probiotics.

Well, how to prepare it? Simply slice a cabbage and cut it into very small pieces. Sprinkle some salt on it and mix it well using your hands. Place the cabbage in a jar and close it with a tight lid. After a few days, your sour cabbage is ready to consume.

Now, let us discuss about its benefits.


Benefit #1

As cabbage is fermented in the process, it develops probiotic properties. The bacteria present in it is favourable to the digestive system.


Benefit #2

This food also aids in weight loss. Most of the fermented foods are good for your metabolism. Fermented cabbage reduces inflammation and also prevents weight gain.


Benefit #3

Sour cabbage is good for digestion and also for heart health and brain health. The fibre content in it minimises the risk of cholesterol, heart issues and stroke.


Benefit #4

Sour cabbage is rich in vitamin C which is a vital nutrient for your system. Those who lack this vitamin should consume more of sour cabbage.


Benefit #5

The minerals present in sour cabbage promote bone health. Consume it regularly to fortify your bones.


Benefit #6

It prevents certain types of cancers. Also, it contains flavonoids and anti-oxidants.


Benefit #7

Many studies indicate that probiotics are good for immunity. Good bacteria in the gut can fortify the immune system in certain ways. They also minimise inflammation too.

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