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20 Foods To Sustain Energy All Day Long

By Super

Be it a life lead in town or city or metropolitan, people are adapting and learning to withstand the stretched working hours and shortened sleeping hours. This makes the world to go fitness conscious and calculative in each and every aspect of life. People have started to inculcate the saying - "Health is Wealth". People amidst hurried and mechanic life-style tend to seek more strength for their long day and short night by opting for the best food to sustain energy.


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Seems people have realized the need of energy-rich foods for moulding their day more actuated and energy packed. Hence they keep surfing now-a-days searching tips. Below is the balanced diet list of 20 best foods to sustain energy all day long.


Dry Grapes 

Dry grapes soaked in water all night and consumed in the morning along with the water in which it soaked gives a energy packed starter for the day.


Cereals/ Pulses

Genetically unmodified Cereals/ pulses half boiled in steam during breakfast gives your morning a good start with heightened energy. Helpful even if the lunch is delayed a bit.



Along with your breakfast take at least half a cup of blender-made Green smash of Carrot, Cucumber, Beetroots are good choices to beautify your body and mind.



Advisable to take White of egg 2 -3 numbers during lunch or breakfast. Though yolk is tempting stay away from it as it attenuates your energy. It is the best foods to eat for sustained energy.



Fiber-rich food like Corn, Soya beans, Avocado, Brown rice, Whole wheat bread, Oat meal, Broccoli, Plantain pith, Oranges are good vitalisers.


Green Tea

If you prefer to drink something hot to freshen your tired evening refrain from milk-tea but choose Green tea.



Adequate liquid intake between every meal keeps the system well hydrated and is also contributes to filling your body.



This is one of the best food to sustain energy. Lemon juice with sugar, water and mint extracts can be a friendly, handy and economic drink during summers.


Sweet Potato

Sweet potato - It is a energy rich food & it provides enough Carbohydrate and controls sugar level in blood that keeps us brisk all day.



Regular addition of half cooked garlic in diet cleanses the blood and glows the skin too.



Raw small onion 3-4 numbers during dinner is a good coolant for the body. Its a good energizer for diabetics as it regulates blood sugar level and burns excessive fat.


Cumin Seeds

Water boiled with Cumin seeds is the best for a calm digestive system which can speed up digestion and is an energy decoction too.



Palm sugar is always an energizing sugar supplement containing low calorie compared to cane sugar. Its a good coolant.



When a person get off the bed after a prolonged bed ridden days post-operation or illness associated with cold and body pain, Country Chicken soup with turmeric and pepper is a good energy booster if consumed everyday as it helps speedy recovery.



Porridge made watery by Rice, Garlic and Onion during stomach upsets or digestive disorders is good in amplifying energy levels as dehydration is the main impact during Stomach troubles.


Juice Berries

Food rich in Vitamin C available at low cost in the form Lemon and "Juice Berries" (the poor man's apple) shoot up the energy levels required all day long.


Olive oil

Though fat isn't advisable for the body, 2 teaspoons of Olive oil for cooking is always a good controller of metabolism of the body and increases blood flow that in turn energizes.



Soup made of Plantain pith or Mushroom is an excellent replacement of milk-mixed tea or coffee. Coffee lovers can have one coffee as caffeine at low levels refreshes brain.



A Banana before bed gifts you a sound undisturbed sleep which is required to reserve energy for the immediate mornings.



Above all to keep your blood get a good source of energy instantly, start your day with Honey mixed with warm lemon juice.

There is a saying in South India - "Why to pay the doctor? Instead pay to the food merchant". Synonymy to the saying in English - "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". So pay for your Energy today!!

Story first published: Sunday, February 22, 2015, 18:00 [IST]
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