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12 Healthy Ways To Eat Fast Food


When we are hungry and in rush we always go to eat fast foods. They are tasty and cheap also and make you feel lighter on the stomach. However it is rich in bad fats, sugar, sodium and calories.

There are some tips for eating healthy fast food that we will share with you. It is difficult to find healthy fast foods. But there are chances to find healthy fast foods, just you need to know what are they.

You need not to cut down fast foods wholly. You can go for it once in a while. But don't make it a habit as they become addictive on regular use.

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There are some tips and menu recommendations that help you in eating them in a healthy way. The overall fast food meal should not exceed 500 calories, keep it less than that.

Opt for fast foods that are low in fats and rich in protein and fiber. You can have high quality protein and low fat fast foods

Today, Boldsky will share with you some tips for eating healthy fast food. Have a look at some healthiest fast food options.


Focus On Grilled Or Roasted Lean Meats

Avoid fried fast foods such as chicken sandwiches and fish fill sandwiches. They contain lot of trans fats, sodium and oils. You can opt for lean ham, lean beef roast and grilled chicken items.


Pay Attention To The Menu Descriptions

Fast foods labeled with deep fried, breaded, cream sauce, creamy crispy fries or burgers and pan fried should be avoided. They contain bad fats and high sodium content. This is one of the best tips for eating healthy fast food.


Don’t Be Afraid To Special Order

You can go for special order by making a few substitutions in your menu. You can ask to stop sauce or dressings. You can also ask for a wheat bun for burger or whole wheat bread. This is a best tip for eating healthy at work.


Healthy Looking Dishes Are Not Best Option

Salads in fast food restaurants are topped with creamy fatty sauces, fried toppings and dressings that render them unhealthy. You can order for a simple salad without creamy dressings and fries.


Be Careful With Condiments And Dressings

Avoid mayonnaise sauces and fat filled salad dressings. Instead of mayonnaise you can ask for

ketchup or mustard sauce. Keep a limit on how much you are putting that on sandwich also.


Keep Your Eye On Portion Size

Eating out healthy fast food means to avoid big meals, family pack meals and value sized meals. Choose a smaller meals in case of sandwiches and burgers.


Stick To Zero-Calorie Beverages

Avoid soda drinks as they alone contain 400 calories. Having a soda drink means you have taken enough calories. This is among the best healthiest fast food options.

Avoid shakes also as they contain 800 calories and more saturated fat. Even the lemonade and fruit juices in fast food restaurants are filled with unhealthy sugar, Instead go for diet drinks.


Be Wise About Sides

Avid side dishes that can boost up calories in your body. They include fries, noodles, chips, cheese fries and macaroni. You can have side salads, fruit salad, sweet corn and apple pie. These are healthy foods at fast food places.


Avoid Bacon Bites

Go for low fat dressings and avoid high fat toppings such as cheese toppings, bacon bites and crispy noodles with cream.


Avoid Taco Salads

They are deep fried and should be avoided. They include tortilla chips and sour cream with fries. They are rich in calories and salt.


Choose Salads With Grilled Chicken

Instead of deep fried chicken burger, you can opt for grilled chicken and simple salad. Avoid salad with breaded chicken. This is one of the healthiest fast food options.


Stick To A Single Hamburger

If you order hamburger, order just one and have rest of healthy fast foods such as salads with pepper and grilled chicken.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 8, 2015, 17:00 [IST]
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