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Leftovers You Should Never Reheat

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Most of us tend to reheat leftover food and enjoy it for a second or even third time. Even though this is acceptable for some items, there are some foods which pose a huge risk to health if they are reheated, even once after they're cooked.

A new study states that when these foods are reheated, the nutrition value decreases to zero, and in most cases, these leftovers turn poisonous.

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When these zero nutrient leftovers are consumed, they serve no purpose to the body. They provide no nutrition, minerals and vitamins, but lead to multiple health issues.

On the other hand, studies also state that if these leftovers are stored incorrectly, they begin to develop moisture and fungi. The mold carries harmful germs and bacteria, much more deadlier than what is found on the palms of our hands. When these leftovers are eaten, they immediately affect the digestive system and thus lead to food poisoning, destroying the lining of the stomach as well.

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Today, Boldsky shares information about some leftovers you should never reheat. It is best to consume these foods as soon as they're cooked. Consuming these foods when they're freshly made will provide you with some of the best health benefits.



Mushroom leftovers should not be reheated, as the protein and the nutrient levels in the mushrooms will turn poisonous to the stomach. In some cases, heating mushrooms more than once will affect the heart as well.



Potatoes are extremely healthy to consume when they're boiled along with the skin. However, if boiled potatoes are reheated in the microwave, they turn poisonous as reheating will absorb the nutrients and the potassium in the healthy vegetable.



Chicken contains a high amount of proteins. Never reheat this food as the protein composition will change turning the meat toxic, which will affect the digestive system. It is best to wait for the chicken to warm up to room temperature and then consume it.



Spinach is a healthy vitamin K food. It contains a high source of calcium and nitrates too. When you reheat cooked spinach, the nitrates turn to nitrites which act like carcinogens on the body. Therefore, avoid reheating this healthy food.



One of the leftovers you should never reheat in the microwave is cooked eggs. Boiled, steamed and fried eggs have a high content of calcium, nutrients, vitamins and other nutritional elements. When this food is reheated under high temperatures, the yolk of the egg turns toxic for the body.



This green leafy veggie also contain nitrates and when reheated, it changes to nitrite which is harmful to the body. Celery is added to soups and salads and is is better to consume it in its raw state.



Turnips are one of the healthiest vegetables you should consume at least once a week. When turnips are reheated in the microwave, the vegetable turns acidic which affects the small intestine leading to an upset tummy.



One of the leftovers you should never reheat is this juicy red vegetable. Beetroot contains iron, magnesium, calcium and a portion of nitrates too. Never reheat this food as it can cause the cancer cells to activate in the body.



When the rice is cooked it should be consumed within that day. Storing the rice in the refrigerator and reheating it will cause the spores in the rice to turn toxic for the stomach. The spores produce bacteria and this germ makes one feel nauseous and ill.


Green Veggies

Green vegetable leftovers should never be reheated as the presence of vitamin K and nitrates present in the vegetables can together affect the nervous system.

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