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Indian Breakfast Items That Provides Wholesome Diet

By Tanushree Kulkarni

A breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But due to our hectic lives, we often skip breakfast and gorge on unhealthy options like Bhajiye or Burger on the way to work. It has an impact on us throughout the day. Our energy levels go down, concentration takes a toll and there is a feeling of uneasiness throughout the day. In the long run, this leads to various diseases.

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But since mornings are usually hectic, we want to eat something that is easy to whip up and is healthy too. Many people think that milk, cereals, oats or eggs are the only healthy options. But eating them every day can be a little boring. There are several Indian breakfast items that are wholesome yet easy to make.

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Today, we at Boldsky present to you a list of Indian breakfast items that provides wholesome diet

Healthy and easy Indian breakfast options:


Stuffed Paratha:

Roti and Sabzi is one of the most healthy Indian breakfasts. Combine this into one and you have a dish which is healthy, wholesome and easy to make. A paratha stuffed with various vegetables is your answer for a healthy breakfast. You can also opt for healthier fillings like paneer. cook it on a non stick tawa for a healthier version. It is healthy, easy to make and quite filling too.


Whole Wheat Dosa:

Dosa in itself is a low fat and healthy breakfast option, make it from a whole wheat flour and it becomes even healthier. A healthy and filling option, whole wheat dosa or adhai is packed with several nutrients for a great kick start to your day. You can get pre mixed dosas from stores in advance and just you need to cook and enjoy. You can whip up a delicious Dosa in less 5 minutes.



Packed with essential vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals, Idly is a wholesome meal in itself. Made with no oil or spices, they are a very healthy and low fat option to start your day. Eat it with tomato chutney or tomato sauce if you are too lazy or in a hurry.



A favourite breakfast dish of many Indians, Upma is one of the most healthy Indian breakfast options. Made with Suji and vegetables, it contains vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and iron. Perfect for a busy day!



Poha, made with flattened rice and veggies, is a nutritious and a healthy option. It is super easy to make, tastes just yum and is filling too. Make this in a non-stick Kadhai so that you use as less oil as possible.


Sabudana Khichdi:

Sabudana Khichdi is a yummy, healthy, wholesome and energising Indian breakfast option. Packed with carbohydrates and starch, it gives you to energy to brace yourself for those long meetings. It is low in fat content which makes it an ideal option to jump start your day.


Moong Daal Cheela:

Jumpstart your day with some nutrient packed Moong Daal Cheela or Indian pancakes. Made up of moong daal, they are easier to digest, healthy and filling too. Make them with healthy fillings such as paneer or veggies of the season, and we are sure you will relish eating this. Make them in a non-stick pan to consume as less oil as possible.

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