Health Benefits Of Lemon Tea

Tea is an aromatic beverage. Some people just prefer it black without milk and sugar. This form of tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.

Along with the normal tea, there are various other tea preparations such as green tea, oolong tea, delicate tea and pu-erh tea. There are also flavours such as lemon added to the tea.


Lemon tea is readily available. A few slices of lemon can be added to the normal black tea, which will provide an aromatic beverage. There are voluminous benefits of lemon tea.

Drinking lemon tea on a daily basis is said to be highly beneficial. For getting the best optimum effects of the lemon tea, boil the water, mix tea in it, allow it to rest for a few minutes, add lemon juice or lemon slice and last, add sugar or honey for taste.

The following are the benefits of lemon tea. When you know more about the benefits, you will be able to avoid other beverages and stick only to drinking lemon tea.


Digestive System

One of the benefits of lemon tea is that it creates a good essence when it moves within your body. This helps in making your digestive system stronger and helps in the detoxifications of the system. This is very essential as this will help in clearing out your system from all the junk that you have eaten. The lemon will basically help the body to absorb more essence from the tea.


Nervous System

Drinking lemon tea is also good for the nervous system. It helps to calm the nerves and strengthen the power of the brain. Therefore, this is used to cure headaches and stress. When you have stress, a cup of lemon tea will be helpful to keep you relaxed. This will also help in calming your emotions and help you feel better in no time.


Cardiovascular System

Studies have shown that tea helps in curing cardiovascular illnesses. It has also been proven that the effect of the tea reduces when milk is added to it. The flavonoids in the tea are used to decrease inflammation. This makes it highly beneficial for your health. These are the reasons why tea is good for cardiovascular illnesses.


Insulin Activity

Insulin is essential in the body to produce energy from glucose. When it is reduced, there will be many associated problems. Lemon tea will help you with this. Lemon tea will aid insulin activity. Oolong tea, green tea and black tea will help enforce this activity in the body. This is not a solution for the diabetic patients, but will help them.



Starting your day with a cup of lemon tea will help with your metabolism. This will also help you get into a good mood. This is one of the most important benefits of lemon tea. This is also good during cold weather, where you will feel nice and warm after a cup of lemon tea.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 21, 2014, 2:01 [IST]
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