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7 Whole Grains That Are Healthy For You

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Whole grains contain carbohydrates in the most healthy form. These grains are healthy because they have plenty of dietary fibres and nutrients alike. So having these healthy grains is the best way to have carbohydrates. You can easily make your diet healthy by replacing unhealthy grains with sumptuous whole grains.

Here are some of the whole grains that are best for your health and must be included in your diet.

Whole Grains

1. Brown Rice: Every time you have white rice, you are losing out on 75 per cent of nutrition that you can get from this carbohydrate. Brown rice on the other hand is a high fibre food that is rich in several nutrients like vitamin B, phosphorus, magnesium and several other antioxidants.

2. Wheat: It is a common grain that is really difficult to find in the whole form. Most often you get to eat wheat flour or bread or cake or some other refined form of this grain. If consumed in the whole form, it is a very healthy as wheat is rich in dietary fibres and the vitamin B complex group.

3. Corn: We do not really look at corn as a healthy grain because we do not eat it in tandem with rice and wheat. However, corn is one of the most healthy grains of the lot. It is heart healthy, good for diabetics and also great for fostering good bacteria in your stomach. It is also anti-inflammatory and thus helps reduce minor internal inflammations.

4. Freekeh: This whole grain is Arabic in origin, as in, it was mainly used in Arab recipes from ancient times. Actually it is a type of wheat that is probiotic; it fosters the growth of good bacteria in the intestines. So, if you have digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome, then this is the best grain for you. It is a low carb grain of all and thus good for those who are on a diet.

5. Buckwheat: Suffering from PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) every month? You need not bear with the pain when you have a very simple natural solution. Buckwheat is a whole grain that is usually used for making pan cakes. It is rarely used but very healthy grain that helps soothe the symptoms of PMS. It will relax your muscular spasms and give much needed magnesium.

6. Oats: There is huge benefit of having oats because they are always available in the whole form. Whether you call it oats, oatmeal or anything other type of oats, you can be rest assured that it is richly fibrous and helps reduce cholesterol.

7. Rye: As they say, save the best for the last. If you were to vote one of all these grains as the healthiest, then it would definitely have to be rye. It is a high fibre food among all these grains, and it has more nutrients (in percentage) than any other grain. It is also loaded with iron and thus one of the best grains for women.

These are some of the whole grains that you simply must have in your diet in order to have a wholesome meal. Do you eat any other healthy grains?

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