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Expert Interview: Nutritionist Explains The Connection Between Food, Skin And Beauty [Exclusive]

How we feel, live or look must be in sync and only then we can obtain beauty from within. While beauty can be interpreted in many ways, this nutritionist and cosmetologist is helping people to break free from restricting diets, showing the importance of food and its impact on beauty.

In an exclusive conversation with Boldsky, nutritionist and cosmetologist Preeti Seth shares how obtaining beauty from within is of utmost importance and why we must strive for 'intuitive eating'. She empowers people to break free from the diet mindset and has developed a revolutionary new approach to healthy, lasting weight loss without restricting diets, extreme programs, or even a single gimmick.

Why Is A Healthy Diet Better Than Dieting?

Personally, I am against dieting, but I also believe what we eat reflects on our skin, says Preeti. When it comes to eating, one has to decide between what your body wants and what it actually needs and only then you can take care of your hunger pangs accordingly. What you eat, when you eat and how much you eat will do all the trick. Therefore it is essential that one listens to their body's demands. 'It is not that while maintaining fitness, you can't have potatoes or rice, definitely, you can, but you need to care of portion size and timing. One has to understand that if it is real hunger, not any compulsive or impulsive eating,' adds Preeti.

If better skin is your goal, then a healthy diet can be a game-changer. We all know that nutrition is important when it comes to health and an unhealthy diet can damage your metabolism, resulting in weight gain. Therefore, Preeti teaches an "intuitive eating" approach to help people reconnect with their body's natural signals of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. The goal is to help everyone to create a healthier, happier relationship with food, so you enjoy the health that lasts a lifetime.

Brazing The Knife With A Smile

Beauty is not for rich people, it is important for people from all strata of society and therefore, people love to invest in beauty products, treatments and surgeries, Preeti tells Boldsky. There has been a boom in the beauty industry in the past 10 years because people now have a very clear idea about how they want to look and feel, she says.

On being asked why cosmetic surgeries are so important to certain people, Preeti says, 'the thing is there are quite a few people who are very conscious about their physical appearance and therefore, they are not afraid to braise knives and go for invasive surgeries. Looking nice boosts confidence in certain people. Apart from this, people with scars opt for surgeries and treatments so that they are in control of their narrative and that they don't have to explain about marks on their body every time they go out or meet new people. For some people, removing scars is equivalent to removing bad memories.'

How Important Is Improving Appearance?

Before brazing the knife, one must have a clear idea of why they are going for it. If the way you look is taking away your mental peace then it is better to go with the cosmetic surgery, says Preeti to Boldsky. Also, you must invest enough time to find out if you are going to the right clinic or person for all your beauty needs. If one has any medical ailment then, they need to inform their surgeon or the doctor first. Also, pathological parameters are also taken into consideration before performing surgeries on someone. It is not about old or young, if anyone wants to enhance their features and has willpower, they go for it but we see a lot of middle-aged people opting for cosmetic surgeries, especially face lifting, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation firming. If you are under the supervision of experienced hands, then there are hardly any issues that one will face after treatments or surgeries, she said.

Do Brands Distort Basic Perception Of Beauty?

I believe all skin tones are beautiful be it fair, wheatish, dusky or dark. It is more about how one sees herself/himself. I think people can focus more on the texture of their skin instead of colour. If your skin is healthy, it will glow and therefore, we all should strive for skin nourishment which will eventually lead to clear skin. The problem in India is people are obsessed with fair skin which can negatively impact a woman's life. It is not in our hands to choose skin shades and therefore, this unfair obsession must end.

The problem arises when we stereotype the idea of beauty and therefore, every woman's self-worth is often decided depending on their physical appearance. It is good that the unrealistic idea of beauty is shifting and it is becoming more inclusive. Before going for treatments or surgeries, I believe everyone needs to accept who they are first and then go for the changes. The idea behind surgeries doesn't necessarily mean to completely change the person, but to enhance their features. Also, the face is the most visible part of the body and therefore, people invest happily when they want to pamper themselves.

Grooming Is Essential

There is no doubt that being physically fit has a lot of advantages and definitely, it helps you to look good eventually and helps in emotional wellbeing as well. If one takes care of their diet and exercises regularly then definitely they will feel energetic the whole day and they will be able to work more efficiently.

Grooming is not an alien concept, in fact right from childhood we had to learn to cut our nails, remove nail paint, trim our hair and iron our dress, failing to which disciplinary actions were taken against us. Personal grooming is important in so many areas, especially in the hospitality and corporate sectors. Also, today jobs have become highly demanding and how we look and present ourselves can make a mark on someone.

The world we live in always responds well to beauty. Be it school, office or any social interactions. But, it is essential to understand that looking good means feeling healthy inside, concludes Preeti.

About Preeti Seth

Preeti Seth started her career in the wellness sector in 1999 as a nutritionist and cosmetologist with a renowned wellness brand and soon garnered popularity among the many who were striving to get themselves back in shape. Seth has been exceedingly successful in making Pachouli a one-stop destination for therapies and treatments ranging from Slimming, Hair Care, Skin and Laser to Ayurveda.

Preeti has done her Masters from Delhi University, BEd from MD University, Advance Nursing from Indian institute of paramedical sciences and Cosmetology from Institute of Laser & Aesthetic Medicine. She has over 21 years of experience in the cosmetology industry. She is a licensed cosmetologist and educator and is certified in cosmetology.

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