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What Is Double Didelphys Or Double Uterus? Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors And Treatments

Uterine Didelphys is a rare congenital disorder in which a female develops two uteruses instead of one. Every uterus begins with two small tubes known as the Mullerian ducts. They usually fuse together as they develop to form one uterus.

In rare cases, the tubes do not join completely and may turn into a separate uterus, leading to double didelphys.

According to a study, congenital uterine anomalies are found in 5.5 per cent of the general population and 8.0 per cent of infertile women. [1]

Take a look at the details.

Causes of Double Didelphys

The main cause of a didelphic uterus is the failure in the fusion of the Mullerian duct, probably during the eight weeks of pregnancy. [2] Medical experts are unsure why some foetuses develop a double uterus while others do not. As the double uterus is congenital, a genetic component could be a factor.

Symptoms Of Double Didelphys

Patients with double didelphys often do not experience symptoms, apart from certain complications that may occur later during the pregnancy. However, some women with the condition may experience cramping pain and unusual pressure in the stomach during their periods. Also, high amounts of bleeding could occur.

Twin Pregnancy In Double Didelphys

A study reports pregnant with twins, one foetus in each uterus, in double didelphys. Multiplanar ultrasonography revealed one complete cervix and one hypoplastic cervix. From the diagnostic reports, iit was unclear whether she would be able to deliver both twins vaginally. Her pregnancy was complicated due to foetal growth restriction. The patient had a scheduled caesarean section of the left twin at 25 weeks, while the second twin was delivered in a spontaneous vaginal delivery at 35 weeks. Both were healthy after the delivery. [3]

Complications Of Double Didelphys

Some of the complications of double didelphys may include: [4]

  • Preterm labour
  • Spontaneous miscarriage
  • Infertility
  • Problems related to kidneys.
  • Intrauterine growth restrictions.
  • Endometriosis
  • Preterm rupture of membrane.
  • Need for sudden C-section.

Diagnosis Of Double Didelphys

During a regular gynecological exam, a medical expert may detect a double cervix or a uterus that is not normal in shape. In the case of the detection of the condition, they may suggest some tests. The tests may also be recommended if you have had multiple miscarriages. [5]

Some of the diagnostic methods for double pregnancy may include:

  • MRI: To get a detailed view of the uterus.
  • Ultrasound: It is also carried out to get a clear view of the uterus.
  • Sonohysterogram: To look for any abnormalities in the formation or structure of the uterus.

Treatments Of Double Didelphys

Surgery is the recommended treatment method for double didelphys, when needed, as not all women experience the symptoms. Women who have had cases of several miscarriages may need the treatment.

Experts suggest surgery mainly to sustain the pregnancy.

To Conclude

Double didelphys is not a life-threatening condition and women with the condition often have normal menstruation, pregnancies and deliveries. However, untreated conditions may increase abortion, ectopic pregnancy and preterm delivery rate. Maintain regular glynae checkups to avoid complications due to double uterus.

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