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    Work Stress Is More Fatal For Men Than Women With Heart Ailments And Diabetes

    Is your job becoming the reason of your death? Well if not technically, then, of course, it is becoming fatal for you with the excessive work pressure and stress. Stress is a buzz killer in the professional world.

    Everyone knows its consequences and reasons it occurs. But one needs to understand that although stress is harmful to all of us, it causes more harm to men than women who are suffering from heart ailments and diabetes.

    Work Stress Is More Fatal For Men than Women

    When we are working hard for something we hardly care about it is called stress, but hard work put in for something you love is called passion. Make your passion your profession to kill the stress in your work life. Let us now see what the studies reveal about the fatal effects of stress on men and women.

    Diabetes and heart ailments are amongst the most deadly diseases that affect a majority of the population. They require proper medication and care once diagnosed, and under such circumstances, stress can be a significant factor in causing fatal consequences.

    Studies reveal that men who are under constant work pressure have been prey to premature deaths, while there have been no such reports for women.

    To curb this, the only way out is stress management or changing your work pattern. Researchers also say that it doesn't matter whether you are fit and active; stress plays its fatal part.

    According to recent studies, it is seen that men face a six times higher rate of early death due to work stress although they maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle. But amongst women with similar medical conditions, no such premature deaths are reported.

    One possible reason for this is that during their work life, men are more prone to incur clogged arteries than women. It is seen that usually before menopause women have fewer chances of having a cardiac arrest. Scientists are of the opinion that reducing the working hours can improve the living condition of men.

    When research was conducted, it was seen that there is a direct connection between work stress and premature deaths in men who are suffering from stroke, diabetes and coronary heart ailments. Even after controlling the cholesterol level and blood pressure there seems to be no improvement.

    According to the research, scientists have found two types of work stress that affect people; one is having higher work pressure, and the other is an effort-reward imbalance, which means that a person is putting in a lot of effort but is getting a negligible amount of reward in return, which often leads to depression.

    With this research, it is seen that men who are suffering from a cardiac ailment and have higher work demand, are at 68 per cent higher risk of suffering a premature death.

    But there is substantially no risk in those men with a similar health problem who are struggling with the effort-reward imbalance. Even in women, no such risks of early death have been noticed.

    Stress can cause potential harm to any individual as it increases the hormone cortisol levels which can, in turn, escalate the glucose production and lower the effect of insulin. This can cause a worse impact on those who are suffering from diabetes. Besides, stress increases the blood pressure level and affects blood clotting. This can result in a severe cardiac arrest for those who are suffering from hardening of the arteries.

    It is, therefore, always good to keep yourself busy with work, but overloading of work is never beneficial for your health. Men are nearly seen dying with the excessive amount of workload that they take, despite leading a healthy life.

    Achieving a set target for a month at your office might help you get a big promotion, but consider the adverse effects which this stress can impose on your health. It doesn't necessarily mean that only men who are into tobacco and alcohol are at a potential risk, even those who maintain a balanced diet are substantially leading a risky life.

    Thus, these studies reveal that it is imperative not only to control your blood pressure and cholesterol level but balance the workload that you deal with every day. As a workaholic person suffering from a cardiac ailment, it is necessary to incorporate stress management as a part of your fitness program or reduce your working hours.

    In a world where we are always surrounded with technology almost 24*7, you as an individual need to figure out what is best for you. You need to balance your lifestyle, both personal and professional, to stay healthy and active. With an increasing number of premature deaths, all of us, especially men, need to be alert about balancing stress at the workplace.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, June 19, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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