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10 Ways How Your Body Tells You Something Is Wrong

Our bodies are incredibly complex.

From constantly functioning organs to a brain that never actually sleeps, every system is bound to every other within your body.

That's why when something goes wrong, the repercussions are felt in places that are quite distant from the origin of the problem.

So, here are some of the ways how your body tells you something is wrong with it.


#1 Itchy rashes and swellings in multiple places.

Most skin allergies are restricted to the area of contact (think: bad metal earrings). But if you develop itchy rashes and swellings in multiples parts of your body, then it is a sign of a systemic problem that only a doctor can treat.

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#2 Loss of appetite.

Loss of appetite is a classic sign of most diseases. And if it continues for weeks on end, then it can be a sign of late-stage cancer as well.


#3 Disturbed bladder and bowel movements.

If you notice a sudden increase or decrease in your bathroom-visit frequency, then it is a definite cause for concern.

In fact, increased frequency of urination is a sign of many conditions, including diabetes.

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#4 Hand tremors, vivid dreams, and involuntary flexing of muscles.

These are the signs of Parkinson's disease. So if you develop tremors in your hand, which prevent you from writing down things, or if you find your neck and other body parts flexing involuntarily from time to time, please visit a neurologist and get yourself checked out.


#5 Sudden mood swings or temper.

Women often suffer from mood swings right before they get their monthly period. But if you develop these symptoms out of the blue, then it can mean that there is something wrong in your body's system.

In fact, people who have pheochromocytoma (tumors in the adrenal glands) have a constant high level of adrenaline in their blood, which leads to increased heart palpitations, aggressiveness, and other problems.

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#6 Loud snoring at night.

People who snore while they sleep usually suffer from a condition called sleep apnoea, wherein their airway becomes blocked during sleep either because their tongue has fallen backward into their throat or because they have some structural problems in their respiratory tract.

Try sleeping on your chest in such cases, as that is known to open up your airway. But if the problem persists, you definitely need to visit a doctor.


#7 Grinding teeth at night.

Unconscious grinding of teeth at night is also called bruxism and is usually detected by people who sleep next to the person suffering from it or when the individual realizes that theyhave extreme sensitivity in their back teeth.

This condition is caused by stress and usually goes away once the stressor is removed from the patient's life. But other times, your jaws become habituated to this motion even in the absence of stress and need habit-breaking dental appliances to get rid of the problem.


#8 Blood in your body fluids.

If you find blood in your phlegm, urine, nipple discharge, or your poop, please visit a doctor immediately because the presence of blood in unexpected body fluids is a big sign of a dangerous problem within the body.


#9 Regular reflux of stomach acid after meals.

If you frequently regurgitate stomach acid after meals and suffer from hours of throat burn, then you might be suffering from a condition called GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

And while the most common cause of it is the ingestion of spicy and fried food, sometimes the problem might be caused by something very different.

So, if you suffer from this, please visit a gastroenterologist for a check-up.


#10 Yellow tint in your eyes, skin, and tongue.

Yellowing of the whites of your eyes, tongue, skin, and palms is a classic sign of jaundice caused by liver damage.

So, if you observe this, get yourself checkout out immediately by a physician before the problem gets worse.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 2, 2018, 17:00 [IST]
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