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8 Telling Signs You Have An STD

Did you know that the consequences of contracting an STD is worse for women than for men?

It's because STDs are one of the biggest reasons behind infertility in women. In fact, doctors usually test pregnant women for syphilis as well because this STD is known to cause genetic abnormalities in the unborn child.


And while no one wants to find out that their hoo-haa has been infected by the unthinkable, it pays to catch an STD early on.

So here are 8 telling signs you have an STD.


1. Your Vaginal Discharge Has Changed Recently...In A Bad Way

Regular vaginal discharge is white or transparent in color and thick to runny in consistency. And if you take a sniff up-close, it has a distinct musky scent unique to you. But all that goes out of the window when you contract an STD.

A characteristic sign of having an infection down below is the presence of yellow or green vaginal discharge, which has a horrendous, almost fishy, odor.


2. It’s Painful When You Pee

Let's clear something up first: if you don't drink enough water, you will find urination a painful business. But if you chug down whole jugs of water but still feel a burn down there when you pee, you should get yourself checked out as this is a definite sign of infection, including an STD.


3. Your Lady Parts Itch A Lot!

If you have an uncontrollable urge to itch your lady parts all the time, you probably have an STD, like trichomoniasis, which is known to cause itching in the nether region.


4. A Painless Sore

A painless, hard sore in your genital region (or your lips) is a sign of syphilis. So if you observe this, get yourself checked out immediately because the 2nd stage of syphilis is marked by the disappearance of the chancre (the cold sore) and the dissemination of the bacteria in your blood.


5. Red Rash All Over Your Body

The next stage of syphilis causes red rashes to form all over your palms, feet, and torso. And since this stage is known to cause serious cardiovascular and neurological problems, if you observe something of this kind, get yourself to an ER stat!


6. Painful Sex

Sex is not always pleasant. Especially if your partner is the world's biggest douchebag. But that only translates into utter dissatisfaction and annoyance, not sharp, stabbing pain. So if you are not engaging in anything kinky and still feel this kind of pain, you probably are infected down below.


7. Lower Pelvic Pain That Is Different From Your Usual Period Cramps

An infection in a visceral organ, like your uterus or cervix, is commonly experienced as a deep-seated pain in the region that seems to have no origin. If you suddenly develop lower pelvic pain that is quite different from your menstrual cramps, you probably have an STD.


8. Blood Spots On Your Underwear Between Periods

If you are showing a few or more of the above symptoms along with this one, it's definitely a case of internal infection due to STD.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 17:00 [IST]
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