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    How To Stop Ringing In Ears (Natural Treatment For Tinnitus)

    Tinnitus is a common ear problem that affects 1 out of every 5 people around the world.

    It is usually a sign of ageing, or sometimes the sign of an underlying circulatory problem. Nevertheless, it is more or less a harmless condition, albeit annoying, since it fills your ears with phantom ringing, roaring, or buzzing sounds that have no origin in the external environment.

    So, if you have been plagued by this problem for some time now, keep reading. Because, in this article, I will share with you some natural treatments for tinnitus that are known to be quite effective at getting rid of this problem.


    #1 Put On Your Earphones And Play Some Music

    The quickest way to get rid of tinnitus is to plug in your earphones, turn up the volume of your music player, and fill your ears with the soft, soothing sound of the songs you love.

    This will get rid of the ringing sound in your ears fast.

    In fact, this remedy is very good for curing the side effects of tinnitus, like inability to fall asleep and focus on your tasks.

    Please note: Too loud music or screaming soundtracks can destroy your eardrums, so we recommend you try this remedy with only soft and soothing melodies.

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    #2 Stay Away From Loud Sounds

    Sounds below the frequency of 75 decibels do not cause tinnitus. But anything above that is fair game.

    So, if you live close to the train station, or a fire house, or work in the presence of loud machinery, use noise-canceling earbuds to reduce the decibels that reach your eardrums.

    In fact, if you frequently suffer from tinnitus, even the loud blaring of horns in the traffic and the screams of hawkers can trigger an episode. So, we recommend you wear these earbuds at all times whenever you leave your house.


    #3 Don’t Use Earbuds To Clean Your Ears

    Cleaning your ears with earbuds (a.k.a Q-tips) is a bad idea because the earwax in your ear helps protect your ear canal from dust, dirt, and insects.

    Plus, earbuds are ineffective because they only push earwax closer to your eardrum, which can aggravate the ringing in your ears.

    So, if you have too much earwax accumulated in your ears, which is causing you discomfort, we advice you to get an ENT to clear it out for you, instead of trying to do it yourself.


    #4 Speak To Your Doctor If You Are On These Medications

    Tinnitus is the side effect of the following medications.

    • Antibiotics: like vancomycin and erythromycin
    • Diuretics: like furosemide and bumetanide
    • Antimalarial drugs
    • Anticancer drugs
    • Antidepressants (not all)
    • High dose aspirin

    So, if you are on any of these medications, we advice you to speak to your doctor regarding switching drugs.

    Please note: Do not stop taking your medicines because of tinnitus. Phantom buzzing in ears is harmless but not taking your medications is dangerous for your health.

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    #5 Get Your Blood Pressure Checked

    A lot of times, tinnitus is caused by high blood pressure.

    This is because your ear is supplied by many blood vessels, and when blood rushes through them under high pressure, it produces a loud roaring sound (It's similar to what happens to your body when you have adrenaline rush).

    So, if buzzing sounds in your ears often annoy you, get your blood pressure checked in case the cause is treatable.


    #6 Gingko Biloba

    This herb is the best natural remedy for tinnitus because it improves your blood circulation and gets rid of infections that contribute to this problem.

    Having 30-60 mg of gingko biloba extract four times a day for 6 weeks can help you cure the ringing sounds.

    Please note: If you are on any other medication, please speak to your doctor first before taking this herbal extract, so as to prevent any adverse drug interactions.

    Also, this extract should not be given to children.

    Share This Article!

    As mentioned in the introduction, 1 out of every 5 people in the world suffer from tinnitus. So, there is a high probability that one of your friends has this problem as well.

    So if you found this article to be useful, please share it so it can help more people.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 14:00 [IST]
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