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    Combat Nose Bleeding In Summers With These Home Remedies

    Nose Bleeding, नकसीर | Home Remedies | नकसीर होने पर आजमाएं ये घरेलू उपाय | BoldSky

    Summers are finally here, it's the most awaited time for all the kids; but not so much for the mothers.

    Summers usually mean endless hours of playtime and no restrictions on video games or ice creams. Children throng the nearest playgrounds from mornings. Cricket, football or basket ball sessions usually continue through the evenings. But all this usually spells trouble for mothers, as they have to deal with a number of problems that their children face during the sweltering heat. One of them is nose bleeds.

    home remedies for nose bleeding due to heat

    Nose bleeds are common in both adults and children alike. It is relatively a common condition and is nothing to worry about but blood coming out of noses, which is something that can put most of us in a panic mode.

    The scientific term for nose bleeds is epistexis. It is a condition where the blood oozes out of one of the nostrils. Nose bleeds are caused by a small rapture in the blood vessels situated in the lining of our nostrils, causing bleeding. Though nose bleeds are common, most people are unaware of what causes them and how to deal with them.

    Summers and nose bleeds go hand in hand. There are many reasons behind it. Summers in some parts of our country are usually dry and hot, which makes the inner delicate lining of our noses loose, thereby the protective layer of mucus becomes dry. Summer also is a time when allergies intensify. We tend to pick and rub our noses, which may damage the internal walls and cause a blood vessel to rapture and this is the main reason for nose bleeds.

    Though nose bleeds are common in summer, they are not restricted to it at all. This common phenomenon can happen at any time, anywhere. There are many causes for nose bleeds in summers.

    Take a look at the different reasons for nose bleeds below:

    1) Breathing Dry Air-

    Dry air can make the protective layer of the mucus to dry. This leads to uncomfortable feeling in our noses, where we usually resort to picking and rubbing our noses.

    2) Blowing The Nose Forcefully-

    Sometimes, we have a feeling about something lodged in our noses. We try getting rid of it by forcefully blowing our noses. Continuous blowing of the nose can lead to nose bleeds as well.

    3) Seasonal Allergies-

    Allergies play an important role in nose bleeds. Change in seasons can cause a lot of health problems in people. But the immediate effects of allergies are directly noticed in the nose, as it becomes dry and itchy, which leads to nose bleeds.

    4) Excess Body Heat-

    Excess body heat or not drinking adequate amount of fluids can cause nose bleeds too.
    Nose bleeds are a common condition but a lot of people start panicking the moment they see blood oozing out of their nostrils. It is important to take proper care of the person during nose bleeds to stop the blood loss.

    If you are experiencing frequent nose bleeds, here are certain remedies that will help you combat this problem:

    1) First Aid:

    The first thing you should do to stop a nose bleed is to pinch your nose to stop the blood flow. Tilting your head backwards and pinching the nasal cavity will help put pressure on the bleeding point.

    How To:

    -Pinch your nose in the softest part and hold for 5 minutes.
    -Release the pressure and sit upright for some time.
    -This will immediately stop the nose bleed.

    2) Onion Juice:

    The pungent smell of onion is sure to make the bleeding stop. Also, onion is an effective remedy in clotting the blood fast, so this remedy will work faster than the above-mentioned method.

    How To Use:

    - Take some freshly squeezed onion juice.
    - Using a clean dropper, instil 2-3 drops of the juice in each nostril.
    - Keep your head slightly bended for 5 minutes.

    3) Cold Compress-

    Cold compress is another super-effective method to immediately stop nose bleeds. It constricts the blood vessels and stops them from bleeding. Here is how you can use clod compress to stop nose bleeds.

    How To Use: -

    -Wrap a few ice cubes in a clean towel.
    -Tilt your head slightly and apply this compress on the bridge of your nose.
    -Keep rubbing it on for 2-3 minutes or until you are comfortable.

    4) Coriander-

    This herb is found in almost all Indian kitchens. Now, it is time to use it for things other than its culinary benefits. Coriander can stop nose bleeds too. The cooling properties of coriander make it a perfect remedy for nose bleeds.

    How To Use:

    - Take some coriander leaves and run it in a blender along with very little water.
    - Strain the juice and instil 2-3 drops of it into each nostril.

    5) Petroleum Jelly:

    Petroleum jelly has already been a best friend to mankind throughout various ups and downs in life. Here too, petroleum jelly can be used to stop nose bleeds. As dryness is often a reason for nose bleeds, petroleum jelly eliminates this problem from the roots.

    How To Use:

    -Smear some petroleum jelly inside each nostril.
    -Take care of the amount used, as too much of it can cause a problem as well.

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