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    7 Natural Remedies To Cure Cough

    Home Remedies to treat Cough naturally| Boldsky

    The human body is a natural wonder. It works wonderfully on its own. The one thing that distinguishes it from another machine is its ability to repair itself.

    There are many things our body does in order to continue functioning normally. Though of these things may cause a problem to us, the body is ultimately trying to resolve some issue in its function. One of such functions is coughing.

    how to stop coughing without medicine

    Coughing is an involuntary action that is aimed at keeping our airways free from pollutants and mucus. When there is something lodged in our airways, the nerves in the throat send a signal to the brain, which in turns signals the chest muscles to contract suddenly, expelling a lot of air.

    A lot of reasons can lead to coughing. From being exposed to pollutants, dust, smoke or chemical cleaners to simple causes like excess mucus due to cold.

    Though coughing is the body's natural reflex to keep the airways clean, it is irritating to us, as it causes a lot of discomfort.

    Usual coughing episodes last about 2-3 days and do not require medical attention. There are many home remedies which can clear up the cough by removing the mucus.

    Here are top 7 natural remedies that will help cure your cough in no time:

    1) Turmeric And Black Pepper Tea:

    This remedy tops the list of our natural homemade cures because of its high potency. Turmeric is a natural mucus repellent, and black pepper stimulates the circulation of mucus. Both these ingredients work together to expel the mucus from the throat, thereby giving immediate relief from cough. Honey can be added to this tea to increase its potency.


    - 1/4th teaspoon turmeric powder
    - 2-3 whole black peppers
    - 1 teaspoon of honey
    - 2 cups water


    1) Boil two cups of water in a vessel.
    2) Add the turmeric power and the whole black peppers.
    3) Boil till the water reduces in half.
    4) Strain the mixture and drink this tea at least twice a day, till the cough subsides.

    2) Ginger And Honey Tea:

    Another excellent remedy to cure cough, this remedy is handed down through generations by our ancestors. Ginger is an excellent decongestant and anti-histamine, which waters down the mucus and soothes the throat off any irritation. Honey acts as an immediate cough reliever. Adding a few drops of lemon to this tea will make it refreshing to taste.


    - 4-5 fresh slices of ginger
    - 1 tablespoon of honey
    - 3-4 drops of fresh lemon juice
    - 1 cup of water


    1) Boil the water and add the fresh ginger pieces.
    2) Heat it for 5 minutes.
    3) Strain the mixture.
    4) Add the lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey.
    5) Drink this tea twice a day.

    3) Peppermint Oil Steam:

    Peppermint is known as a healing herb and acts as a decongestant. The menthol in it soothes the throat. Here is how you can use it to get rid of cough.


    - 150 ml hot water
    - 3-4 drops of peppermint oil
    - A clean towel


    1) In a bowl of boiling water, add the peppermint oil drops.
    2) Cover your head with a clean towel and inhale the vapours with deep breathes.

    4) Onions:

    The pungent smell of onions is excellent in stopping cough immediately. Onions are anti-histamine and can also contribute to a healthy respiratory tract.


    - 1 onion
    - 1 teaspoon honey


    1) Cut onions into small pieces and blend it in a blender.
    2) Sieve and extract the juice.
    3) Take one and half teaspoon of this freshly extracted onion juice and mix it with 1 teaspoon of honey.
    4) Consume it at least once a day.

    5) Garlic:

    Garlic has long been used to expel mucus from the respiratory tract. Its anti-microbial properties help heal the infection in the throat and stop it from recurring.


    - 2-3 cloves of garlic
    - Few drops of clove oil
    - A teaspoon of honey


    1) Boil the garlic cloves in a cup of water for 5 minutes
    2) Strain the mixture and add a few drops of clove oil and honey.
    3) Drink this mixture twice a day.

    6) Star Anise And Tulsi:

    Star anise is a lesser known remedy for all respiratory conditions. Combining it with holy basil stimulates the excretion of mucus and relieves cough.


    - 2-3 start anise
    - 4-5 fresh holy basil leaves


    1) Boil a cup of water with the star anise and holy basil.
    2) Strain the mixture.
    3) Drink this tea every day until the cough subsides.

    7) Almonds:

    Almonds are a powerhouse of nutrients. If taken regularly, almonds help us fight from all major infections. It is a natural cough reliever too. Mixed along with honey, it is very effective in treating cough. This remedy can also be easily consumed by kids too.


    - 4-5 soaked almonds
    - A teaspoon of honey


    1) Crush the soaked and peeled almonds into a fine paste.
    2) Mix the paste with honey and consume it thrice a day.
    3) Continue this remedy till the cough completely subsides.

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