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9 Simple Tips To Prevent Smartphone Thumb

By Chandana Rao

Let's face it, it is 2017 and at least 80% of the global population, irrespective of age and gender, uses smartphones, right?

Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine your life without a smartphone, it can seem rather difficult, right?

You will not be able to get quick information in the matter of a click, you may not be able to find addresses with ease, you may not even be able to order your favourite food!

Without smartphones, we would not be able to connect virtually with people, as effectively!

Knowingly or otherwise, mankind today has become very much dependent on smartphones to lead their lives.

While smartphones make our lives much simpler and entertaining, like everything else, it also comes with certain negative associations.

Just like how watching television for too long or using the computer for hours together can have adverse effects on our health, similarly even excess smartphone use is not good for us!

Along with conditions like headache, migraine, depression, heart problems, hearing problems and eye ailments, there is a condition known as "smartphone thumb" that can occur by using your smartphones a lot.

"Smartphone thumb" is a condition in which the tendon which helps bend or flex your thumb becomes inflamed due to repetitive movements of the thumb while using the phone, resulting in a lot of pain and stiffness.

This condition is usually seen commonly in factory workers who have to use their thumbs a lot for sewing and other such labours; however, lately, smartphone users are also being affected by the "smartphone thumb".

So, if you want to prevent being affected by "smartphone thumb", then follow these simple tips.


Tip #1

Avoid typing long messages or e-mails on your smartphone, keep it short or use another method of communication. You can always call the person or write e-mails on the computer!


Tip #2

If you own an Android smartphone, use the ‘Swype' feature to text or send mails, as this feature does not require your thumb to move frequently, in comparison with the regular mode of texting.


Tip #3

Use the autocorrect feature on your phone, so that you can just select a word from the list of options provided, instead of typing out the whole word.


Tip #4

Normally, we tend to use both our thumbs while texting on a smartphone. Instead, you can hold the phone in one hand and use the forefinger of another hand to type. This way, you can avoid the strain on your thumbs.


Tip #5

You can also use apps that have features like leaving voice messages, instead of texting.


Tip #6

Make a conscious effort to take breaks from using your smartphone, for at least a few hours in a day.


Tip #7

Avoid or minimize playing games on your smartphone, as it makes you use your thumb a lot!


Tip #8

Practice finger stretching exercises every day, for at least 15 minutes to help relax the thumb tendons.


Tip #9

If your phone has a fingerprint lock system, avoid using that too much and opt for the regular number lock system instead.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 1, 2017, 7:30 [IST]
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