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World Hepatitis Day: Prevent Hepatitis B By Following These Simple Steps

By Shabana

Our body is the most complex system in the world. Can you imagine what makes our heart beat tirelessly from the day we are born till the day we die?

Our brain is said to be the most complex organ in the entire universe having millions of neurons and trillions of connections. These two are touted to be the most important organs of our body.

But there is another organ that isn't as famous as its counterparts, but nevertheless as important - the liver.

The liver is a very important organ because it regulates the amount of sugar, protein and fat in our blood and also removes toxins from it. It secretes bilirubin which breaks down the red blood cells.

The nutrients which are absorbed by our intestines are processed by the liver to be used by our body. It also secretes a substance that helps blood clot.

how to prevent hepatitis

Not taking good care of your liver can lead to many diseases, one important being hepatitis B. Hepatitis B is a virus which directly affects our liver. It causes severe inflammation of the liver.

When the liver swells, it becomes difficult for the blood to pass through it. The liver is damaged severely and it may also lead to liver failure.


Therefore, it is important to take good care of your liver to protect your body from these diseases.

This article will tell you about different ways to protect your liver and prevent hepatitis B. After all, prevention is better than cure.

1) Healthy, Wholesome And Fibre-Rich Diet

The best way to a healthy liver is to keep your weight in check. Excess weight puts extra pressure on your liver. Also, excess weight means excess fat, which leads to a condition called cirrhosis. So eating a healthy, wholesome and fibre-rich diet is essential to maintain the correct body weight and avoid weight issues.

2) Limiting Alcohol Intake

Consumption of alcohol directly affects the liver as it damages the liver cells, which reduces its functioning. Ultimately, liver failure occurs and a liver transplant may be the only way out. Limiting your intake of alcohol will go a long way to protect your liver and prevent hepatitis B.

3) Avoiding Contact With Infected People

Hepatitis B is usually spread by coming in contact with the blood of the infected person. It can happen during unprotected sexual contact with the infected person, transmission of the virus from mother to infant, using syringes and needles which were used on a hepatitis B patient, etc.

This can be prevented by taking a few measures such as having protected sexual intercourse, giving hepatitis B vaccines to the infant if the mother is tested positive, and always using new syringes and needles to prevent hepatitis B.

4) Quit Smoking

Smoking weakens our lungs and immune system, making us more susceptible to catching infections. A weak immune system means the body cannot fight the virus when it enters our body. Quit smoking now to protect your liver and prevent hepatitis B.

5) Regular Exercise

Apart from a healthy diet, regular exercise is also important to protect your liver. Exercise ensures that you never gain excess weight. Your liver will be highly grateful for it.

6) Avoid Heavy Medications

Self medication is never recommended as it is extremely dangerous. You can never rightly estimate what amount of medication is required by your body during an illness. Therefore it is advisable to visit a physician.

Over dosage of common painkillers such as paracetamol directly affects the liver. Most of the painkillers have a blood-thinning effect. Too much of these may cause over-thinning of the blood, leading to high blood pressure and excessive bleeding.

7) Avoid Foods Containing Fructose And Other Additives

The main job of the liver is to detoxify the blood. Artificial sweeteners like fructose and corn syrup require high amount of detoxifying which in turn burdens the liver.
People with any kind of liver infections are strictly told to avoid any kind of artificial sweeteners to avoid over burdening of the liver so as to protect the liver and prevent hepatitis B.

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    Story first published: Friday, July 28, 2017, 8:30 [IST]
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