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Remedies For Excessive Blinking

If you deliberately blink your eyes just to spice up a conversation, it isn't a health issue but if you are excessively blinking your eyes involuntarily then it could be a health issue!

Your eyes may experience pain and irritation due to the excessive blinking action. Also, there could be a deeper problem behind the normal act of blinking. Are there any home remedies for blinking eyes? Yes. There are a few and if they don't seem to work, you may need to consult a doctor.

The purpose behind blinking is to moisturise the dry surface of the eyes. But certain infections, neurological problems, fatigue, muscle related problems and swelling could also cause excessive blinking. So, here are some remedies for excessive blinking.


Onion Juice

Take a spoonful of rose water and add a drop of onion juice and a drop of honey to it and mix the ingredients well. Take a very small drop of the mixture and use it in your eyes and close them. Wash your eyes after 10 seconds. If it irritates your eyes, discontinue it.



Spinach contains magnesium which can be beneficial for the blinking problem of eyes. Include spinach into your diet or drink the juice of spinach every day.

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Daily morning, eat 2 pieces of gooseberry on empty stomach. The vitamin C and A present in the gooseberries can benefit your eyes and eye muscles.



Prepare a milk shake by crushing soaked almonds. You can also add cashew nuts to it and prepare a milkshake. Drinking it can supply the necessary nutrients that your eye needs.



You need omega 3 fatty acids to help your eye muscles recover from the problem of blinking. Eat fish or consume fish oil supplements to reduce the eye irritation.


Pomegranate Juice

Juice up the seeds of pomegranate and store it in a copper container for a period of 10 minutes and consume it. Do this for a few days and your blinking habit may reduce.


Carrot Juice

Drinking the juice of carrots on a daily basis can also do good to your eyes due to the vitamin A present in it.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 17:47 [IST]
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