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9 Must-Have Home Remedies For Pneumonia

By Shabana

The fact that humans rule the Earth may be true but humans are ruled by different species - micro-organisms.

Micro-organisms are called so because they are invisible to our naked eye. But they cause a hell lot of trouble to humans. We may have conquered the world but we still haven't been able to completely defeat micro organisms.

Micro organisms are found everywhere on earth. In fact, they live on human skin too. Though all microbes are not harmful to humans, they cause illnesses in us. They can cause both common cold as well as serious illnesses which have the tendency to take human life.

Micro organisms like bacteria and virus are the most trouble makers for us. They enter our body through different means, sometimes through our breath and infect our lungs. Yes, even the air we breathe can cause us to fall sick. One such infection that enters our body through the air we breathe is pneumonia.

Pneumonia is a growing problem in developing countries. It is caused when the virus causing this disease, enters into the air, when an affected person coughs and sneezes. This virus easily enters into a healthy person through merely breathing.

Our body is usually able to fight back this infection but if a person has recently suffered an infection and his immune system is weak, there are chances of his contracting this disease.

The pneumonia-causing virus enters our body through our lungs and settles in the air sacs. Our body tries to fight off this by inflammation and fills our lungs with fluid and pus.

The fact that pneumonia is life-threatening and highly communicable, people should be made aware of it.

Pneumonia is ranked to be the eighth leading cause of death in the world. That is why there is a growing need to educate people about this disease and prevention methods.

Though there are vaccines available for the prevention of this disease, once contracted it can be difficult to combat. Doctors usually prescribe certain anti-biotics to reduce the pain and swelling. Many resort to ayurvedic remedies to manage the disease.

Here are a few ayurvedic remedies which will help you combat pneumonia at home-


1) Ginger Tea-

Ginger is excellent to treat any respiratory disorder for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to be effective in fighting pneumonia as well. This ginger tea will help you heal quickly-


-1/2 inch ginger

-1 lemon

-a teaspoon honey


1) Grate the ginger and boil it in a cup of water.

2) Strain the tea and squeeze juice of one lemon in it.

3) Mix it with honey and drink.


2) Turmeric Milk-

The medicinal properties of turmeric work to expel the mucus out of the lungs. It also soothes inflammation and helps fight off the infection. This turmeric milk remedy will help you effectively fight pneumonia.


-1 glass of warm milk

-1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder

-1/4th teaspoon black pepper powder


1) Mix the turmeric powder and black pepper powder into warm milk and drink.


3) Basil And Cinnamon Tea-

Holy basil helps eliminate phlegm from the bronchial tubes and reduces inflammation. Cinnamon is anti viral and reduces infection. This basil-cinnamon tea will soothe your symptoms.


-3-4 fresh basil leaves

-1 inch piece of cinnamon

-2 cups of water


1) Boil the water in a sauce pan.

2) Add the basil leaves and cinnamon stick to it and let it boil.

3) Strain the tea and drink. 1 teaspoon of honey can be added for taste.


4) Sesame Seeds-

Sesame seeds act as a natural expectorant and clear out the airways. This remedy will help reduce congestion in our lungs.


-1 tablespoon sesame seeds

-1 teaspoon honey

-1 cup of water


1) Boil all the sesame seeds in a pan.

2) Strain the mixture after 5 minutes and add honey. Drink it while it is still hot.


5) Inhale Steam-

Inhaling steam will help open up the congestion and also kill the infection causing virus. It will also help you relieve the symptoms of cough.


-Hot water in a vessel

-A few drops of eucalyptus oil

-A towel


1) Add the eucalyptus oil in the hot water.

2) Cover your head with the towel and let the steam from the vessel reach you.

3) Repeat this twice a day.


6) Drink Plenty Of Fluids-

Keeping yourself hydrated will ensure that your body is able to fight off infections better. It will also loosen the secretion of mucus and help you recover faster.


7) Lemon Juice And Warm Water-

Lemons are full of vitamin C which will boost the immune system and help fight infections. It will also help expel phlegm out of the lungs and reduce inflammation.


-1 lemon

-A glass of warm water


1) Squeeze the lemon juice in a glass of warm water and consume.


8) Deep Breathing-

Deep breathing will boost the oxygen supply to the lungs, thereby increasing circulation. It also helps open up the air passage and expel out the mucus.


9) Spinach And Carrot Juice-

Spinach and carrot juice will provide the body with the essential nutrients that will help heal the body in case of diseases. It will hydrate the body and boost the immune system. This spinach and carrot juice is excellent for pneumonia.


-5-6 spinach leaves

-1 carrot


1) Cut the carrot into pieces.

2) Add both the ingredients in a blender and blend well.

3) Strain and drink.


10) Hot Water And Salt Gargle-

This method will ease a sore throat and relieve the symptoms of cold. It will also loosen the mucus and help expel it out of the body. Salt will kill the infection causing bacteria and help soothe the irritated throat.

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