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11 Effective Juices For Dengue Fever

By Shabana

In tropical countries like India, epidemics are common. The hot and cold climates of our country allow for a perfect breeding ground for disease-carrying insects.

From time immemorial, all tropical countries have had to fight a constant battle against vector carriers like mosquitoes. Scientists are constantly trying to find solutions to this ever growing problem. But as the medical field is advancing, so is the immunity of these pesky insects.

Mosquitoes are a growing problem in every tropical country as the weather conditions of the place are perfect breeding spots for them. Also, the virus which causes the illnesses, grows in damp places while receiving sufficient sunlight.

One such disease which is becoming more common in our country is dengue. Dengue is a tropical disease which is spread through mosquitoes which carry the dengue virus. Mosquitoes breed in places with stagnant water.

The common symptoms of dengue include fever, joint pain and head ache. It can affect any age group. The vaccines against this disease are still in the testing stage and hence there are no proper medications available for this disease as of now.

Since it is spread through mosquitoes, the only way to prevent it is by keeping our surroundings clean and clearing any site with stagnant water. Also, garbage should not openly be dumped as this can also cause the breeding of mosquitoes.

Usually, doctors advise complete rest and intake of lots of fluids if affected with dengue fever as the fever can cause dehydration and also reduce platelet count. Therefore, people resort to some natural remedies to combat the illness.

Here are a few effective juices to fight dengue, which will hydrate your body and also increase platelet count.


1) Pomegranate Juice-

Pomegranate Juice is a power house of anti oxidants. It is effective in increasing the platelet count too. It promotes the growth of lymphocytes in the body, which fight off infections and strengthen the immune system.

1 cup of pomegranate seeds should be blended with 2 cups of water, strained and consumed.


2) Aloe Vera Juice-

Aloe vera contains a huge amount of amino acids, the decrease of which leads to decrease in platelet count. Also, it is effective in killing the virus causing the fever and helps you recover faster.

Aloe vera juice is widely available in the markets.


3) Papaya Leaf Juice-

Papaya is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals which help the faster healing of the body. It also enhances the immune system and increases the platelet count.

Make a paste of fresh papaya leaves with some water in a mixer. Consume 4-5 teaspoons of this every day.


4) Guava Juice-

Guava is full of vitamin A which speeds up the recovery process of the body. The vitamin C content in it also ups the immune system, making it resilient to further infections. The juice prevents dehydration too.

Cut two guavas into segments and blend it in a blender along with some water. Strain and drink it, preferably unsweetened.


5) Neem Leaves Juice-

Neem is a powerful immunity-boosting herb. It increases the white blood cells in the body and helps fight against infections.

Pound fresh neem leaves to a paste. Mix 1 tablespoon of this paste in a glass of water and drink twice a day.


6) Amla Juice-

Amla is full of vitamin C. It increases the movement of anti-bodies in the body and helps it fight infections better. Amla is also known to rejuvenate the body and provide relief from fever symptoms.

Amla juice is widely available in the market.


7) Basil Juice-

Basil is a holy plant which is worshipped in our country for its numerous medicinal benefits. It is also very effective against dengue. It boosts the immunity and helps the body heal from within.

Take a fresh bunch of basil leaves and make them into a paste. Mix 1 part of this paste with four parts of water and drink it regularly.


8) Carrot, Cucumber And Lemon Juice-

Carrots are full of vitamin A and lemon is filled with vitamin C. Cucumbers replenish the body with natural fluids. This juice is the tastiest way to increase your immunity and fight off the dengue-causing virus.

Take half a cup each of the vegetables and blend them along with a cup of water. Strain and drink this juice twice a day.


9) Barley Grass Juice-

Regular consumption of barley grass provides the body with all the nutrients and the strength it needs to fight off infections. It balances the level of immune cells in the body. It also detoxifies the body and removes toxic materials.


10) Orange Juice-

Anything with high amounts of vitamin C increases our immune function and what better source of it than orange juice? It is full of antioxidants too which fight against free radical damage in the body. Orange juice also increases the frequency of urination and helps the body flush out toxins.

Though there is a wide variety of orange juice available in the market, nothing beats the taste of freshly squeezed orange juice at home.


11) Kiwi Juice-

Kiwi juice is again full of vitamin C and it increases the blood platelet count. The high amount of anti oxidants present in the fruit is required by our body in higher doses when sick. Recent studies have claimed that kiwis are far more effective than any other fruits mentioned in the list.

Blend 2 peeled and chopped kiwis in a blender along with 1 cup of water and drink it every day to increase your platelet count.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 9, 2017, 15:30 [IST]
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