Is Breast Cancer Curable?

By Lekhaka

How dangerous is breast cancer? Well, breast cancer is actually dangerous, but nowadays there are plenty of solutions that are accessible. You might be free to choose between traditional treatments and alternative treatments. Through accurate analysis, your doctor can offer you with the appropriate treatment plan which could cure your sickness.

If you had been diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago, it would have been a hopeless case. Most cancer patients are women, but additionally, there are men who develop the disease. It is also the leading reason for deaths among females and it is also the greatest so far when compared with other types of cancer.

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is breast cancer curable

Women who are already in their menopausal stage are predisposed towards it. Not only that, ladies taking hormone replacement therapies in the form of patches and tablets can also be susceptible to the disease. Specific genes cause breast cancer and if one of those genes is present in your family, you are at high risk.

is breast cancer curable

It generally appears just like a lump or tumour in the chest region. Not all lumps are malignant because a few of them are only normal lumps, but you will need to be sure. A few of the signs of breast cancer are swelling or lump in the chest, enlarged breast size, change in colour or dimpling of the skin and uncommon nipple discharge.

When the cancer has reached the advanced stage or stage four, it will be somewhat hard to treat. Annually, you can undergo a medical examination conducted by a physician. Women over forty years can undergo a mammogram or an ultrasound. Doctors often use biopsy to determine if the lump or mass is malignant.

is breast cancer curable

Some people also conduct breast self examination where they examine their breast for any abnormality. A few of the treatments available for managing breast cancer are surgery, chemotherapy, bodily hormone treatment and radiotherapy. If you find these treatments very pricey, you may opt for alternative treatments like natural medications and homeopathy.

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is breast cancer curable

A few of the treatments can harm the body and so the patients frequently feel exhausted and stressed. For them who want to feel relaxed rather than tired, they could undergo a therapeutic massage or any other alternative treatment. If it runs in your family and if you are already ageing, you will need to be more aware if you are undergoing any changes in your breasts.

Bear in mind that this disease does not discriminate. Since breast cancer is recognized as a dangerous illness, precaution and treatment are the keys to cease its growth.

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    Story first published: Saturday, February 11, 2017, 20:30 [IST]
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