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5 Effective & Tested Ways To Remove Dust Particles From The Eyes

The moment dust particles get into your eyes, you tend to find it uncomfortable and difficult to open the eyes. All that you want at that point of time is to get rid of the unwanted particles immediately.

How do we remove such dust particles from the eyes? So today in this article we will be mentioning about a few of the easy and effective ways to get rid of the dust particles in just a second. For a few it might be a minor thing but when the case is severe, it needs to be checked immediately. If left untreated it might cause serious eye problems and loss of vision as well.

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You generally get this problem when you are taking a stroll on the beach or when you are walking on the road. You are just walking and then suddenly there is a gusty wind blowing dust particles into the eyes. You start feeling uncomfortable and irritated. You tend to rub your eyes, but this is one major thing that you should avoid. This can make your case worse.

Listed here are a few of the best natural ways to clean the eyes and get rid of the dust particles from the eyes quickly. Take a look.


1. Splash Eyes With Cold Drinking Water:

Take a handful of clean drinking water and splash the eyes several times. This helps in flushing out the dust particles stuck in the eyes.


2. Blinking Eyes:

Blink you eyes as many times as you can and allow the tears to roll down so that the dust particles flow down along with the tears.


3. Rolling Eyes:

Try to pull your upper eyelids and then keep rolling your eyes. Try placing the upper eyelids right over the lower eyelids. Try to remove the dust particles stuck in the eyes.


4. Use Cotton Swab:

Take a fresh cotton swab, lift your eyelids and ask the person next to you to slowly wipe out the dust particles from the eyes using this cotton swab.


5. Use Cotton Cloth To Dab Eyes:

Take a fresh piece of soft cotton cloth (preferably white) and soak the cloth in clean water. Then try to press the sides of your eyes using the wet cloth. Make sure that you do not touch the cornea. This helps in removing the dust particles.

These methods mentioned here can be effective. But if the problem or the pain persists for a longer period of time and you are not able to get rid of the dust particles from the eyes then it is better to consult an eye specialist and get the required medical intervention.

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