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10 Ways To Increase Your Appetite

By Suryasis Paul

People who struggle to lose weight go on extreme dieting and sometimes to the extent of starving as well. But there is yet another group of people who are not able to eat.

Despite several attempts to increase their appetite they are not able to do so. This article explains about a few of the best ways that will help to increase your appetite.

People who are excessively skinny or people who are skinny-fat (a condition used to describe people who have high fat percentage especially around the belly and chest region but no muscle mass) have one constant complain.

They are not able to put on weight. One chief reason for this problem is due to a low appetite. Also if you want to know about certain ayurvedic remedies to increase your appetite then, click here.

It is very important that for gaining any amount of muscle mass one remains in caloric surplus, i.e, consume more calories than one could ever burn out.

A diet adequate in calories with proper break up of nutrients is the keystone to building muscle mass and getting the frame that you want.


1. Exercise

Exercises, i.e, both weight lifting and cardio exercises increase your appetite. It gives your metabolism the desired spike. There are two key hormones that control your appetite - ghrelin and peptide YY. While the former stimulates your hunger, the latter controls it. Both of these hormones are affected by exercise.


2. Having A Healthy Breakfast

After a long night of fasting a healthy breakfast helps you to increase your metabolism. An increased metabolism is important to induce hunger.


3. Eating Small, Frequent Meals

This is important because of two very important reasons. Firstly, psychologically speaking, eating a small meal is less daunting than eating a large meal. Secondly, it is important that we give food enough time to digest. Eating too much food in bulk at one time is responsible for conditions like obesity. This is because the extra calories consumed get transformed into unwanted fat.


4. Eating Healthy Snacks

We should replace common snacks such as chips, etc. with healthier alternatives such as bananas. Snacks are very important for mass gain and because they are eaten in small amounts, psychologically they are less daunting and they can give the required impetus for weight gain as well.


5. Trying Varying Exercises

Over time exercises lose their effect that they initially had. The body naturally adjusts to them. Hence the ability to spike up your metabolism and increase hunger decreases over time. So it is important that you vary your exercise regime.

You may change your weight training schedule by adding more weight or repetitions. You can alter your cardio regimes to include various forms of innovative exercises like say martial arts and swimming. This will also beat the boredom that you might face while following the same dull, repetitive and monotonic weight training regime.


6. Air Conditioning

Cooler temperatures increase appetite naturally. This is because the body needs to eat more to get the required energy to maintain the same body temperature. So try to remain in a cooler environment for the majority of the time.


7. Social Eating

Eating with people can remove your attention from the daunting task of eating. In such conditions, eating more seems psychologically less challenging. Invite family or friends over for a meal, or join a social group where people get together for meals. You may also chop and change the company. Not only will this increase your appetite but will also make your meals socially vibrant. In the end, you might even look forward to eating again in such groups.


8. Eat Different Things

This is almost obvious. Nobody likes monotony. Try varying your recipes to fit the mood. Please don't let your taste buds get used to the same type of food. Gorge in varieties.


9. Drink Your Calories

Drinking is less cumbersome and less problematic. If you love to travel, get a shaker or a mixer; this will help you have a quick liquid on the go. Try and have liquid substitutes for solid foods. For example, you may choose to replace the consumption of solid bananas with banana shakes.


10. Amp Up Your Cooking

From personal experience I can conclude that people tend to find foods tastier if they did the cooking themselves. So if you do not know how to cook a meal or you are a novice at it, you may try learning to cook. Moreover, it is always good to be self reliant.

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