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    Science-Backed Natural Remedy For Migraine Headaches!

     If you have ever suffered from a migraine headache or if you have witnessed others going through it, you would definitely know how terrible the pain can be, right?

    A migraine headache is a condition in which a person experiences an intense headache, along with other symptoms such as nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.

    Some of the other symptoms of migraines include pain in the neck and face, dizziness, blurred vision, nasal congestion, scalp tenderness, etc.

    home remedy for migraine

    The causes of a migraine headache can be varied. Usually, migraines are caused by hormonal imbalances, heredity, depression, anxiety, poor diet, side effects of contraceptives, menopause, etc.
    Migraine headaches are quite common lately and people rely on strong painkillers to help them deal with the pain.

    Painkillers can come with numerous side effects and also, it is always better to try and prevent migraine attacks even before they occur.

    home remedy for migraine

    So, if you want to treat your migraine headaches, right at home, there is a science-backed natural remedy that can help you; take a look!

    Ingredients Required:

    Almond Milk - ½ a glass
    Cayenne Pepper Powder - ½ teaspoon
    This home remedy to reduce migraine headaches can work exceptionally well, if you use it on a regular basis.

    home remedy for migraine

    Along with using this home remedy, you can also practice deep breathing and meditation, which can further treat migraine headaches, naturally. 

    Almond milk is rich in antioxidant content, which can increase the flow of healthy, oxygenated blood to the head region, in order to reduce the inflammation and headache.

    home remedy for migraine

    Cayenne pepper contains a substance called capsaicin, which has the ability to decrease the severity of migraine headaches, by treating the inflammation. 7. Aids Muscle Growth

    Method Of Preparation: 

    • Heat the almond milk in a pan and collect it in a cup.
    • Now, add the cayenne powder to the cup of hot almond milk. 
    • Stir well to form a mixture. 
    • Consume this mixture, whenever you suffer from a migraine headache, twice a day, after a meal.

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