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    14 Best Home Remedies For Dry Eye Syndrome

    If your eyes feel gravelly, stinging, burning, or red, then you need to realise that you are having the dry eye syndrome.

    This condition is chronic and typically an escalating syndrome that needs a combination of treatments. Often referred to as a multifactorial disease, dry eyes occurs when people cannot produce tears or when the tears are poor in quality or exiguous.

    Dry eyes at the initial stage can be annoying, while at the moderate stage, dry eye syndrome can conspicuously hamper one's ability to function on a daily basis.

    home remedies for dry eye syndrome,

    There is also the possibility of permanent loss of vision if this dysfunction is at the permanent stage.
    Dry eye syndrome is a chronic inflammatory condition that seems to be growing at an extraordinary rate and can deteriorate vision if left untreated. Your eyes may look tired, red or feel irritated and you seem to think it's only a normal condition and never give it a second thought.

    And then you decide to swing by the drug store to get some drops for timely relief from the minor irritation and forget about the general discomfort.

    However, what most people don't realise is that eye discomfort can never be normal and it is a signal for a deeper condition.

    This disorder of the eye tear ducts can impair the quality of vision bit by bit and also affect the way you look as you tend to rub your eyes when you're tired.

    Continuously rubbing will only exacerbate the irritation. And to get rid of the bad irritation, you then slowly begin to squint.

    Neglecting the health of your eyes can only damage and jeopardise your vision. Moreover, you also start to wrinkle the skin, which ultimately gives it the 'old eyes look'.

    Try the following remedies to keep your eyes healthy and to prevent the dry eye disorder.


    Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera is a healing herb that promotes rapid cell regeneration from burns and rashes. Your eyes can become a victim of pollutants and chemical contaminants, so use diluted aloe vera juice as an eyewash to relieve red and puffy eyes. Applying aloe vera gel can help you get rid of the dry eye disorder, since it thwarts the burning and pain. Just rub the aloe vera gel on your eyelids and leave it for a few minutes to soothe the eyes from a stinging sensation and irritation.


    Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is a potent remedy that is even used for the treatment of brain disorders like Alzheimer's and epilepsy. Vitamin A and lutein are the two nutrients that can preserve good eye heath. Coconut oil has the potential to protect against eye problems as well as nutrient deficiencies. It has powerful antioxidants that can be stored for long periods without turning rancid.
    It manages to increase the antimicrobial ability of the immune system. It acts as a moisturising agent for your eyes. Try to use coconut oil as a lubricant to fight most eye inflammation. Soak a cotton ball in coconut oil and place it on the closed eyelids and then allow it to stay for 15 to 20 minutes.


    Castor Oil

    When tears don't stream adequately and your inner eyelids start to desiccate, then start using castor oil. Try to buy hexane-free pure cold-pressed castor oil. Take an eye dropper and then place a tiny drop on the corner of each eye before you hit the sack. Try to rub the oil over the eyelids and around the eyes.

    This can lessen the itchiness and burning sensation. You can apply tiny drops of castor oil on each eye, as this will keep your eyes moisturised and protect from other irritants.


    Warm Compresses

    People suffering with dry eyes cannot get enough tears and this can later deteriorate the condition. Place a warm pad on the eyes and gently massage for 10 minutes. Try to gently massage the eyelids, so as to soften the oil in the glands. Later, give your eyes a nice rinse with lukewarm water.

    Warm compress can be beneficial to increase the blood flow to the eyelids and to manage the symptoms. Warm compresses help you to open your clogged meibomian glands and doing this twice a day can relieve dry eyes.


    Consume Foods Rich in Omega-3 Fats

    Dry eye can impair the quality of life, so try to consume foods rich in omega-3 fats, since it helps to decrease eye inflammation as well as provide significant benefits for patients suffering from this condition.

    Try to include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like fish oils, flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, and walnuts in your diet, as it can help fight against eye allergens and infections. This can not only stimulate tear production but is also beneficial in producing tears.



    Cucumber has been used for many years as a habitual treatment for facial redness. Dry eyes only occur when the tear secretion gets impinged. Dryness usually crops up due to sleeplessness, bad weather exposure or from rubbing your eyes incessantly.

    This disorder can also occur when you generally use contact lenses for longer hours. You can lessen the eye inflammation by washing your eyes regularly with rose water and also making sure to apply cucumber slices on your eyes before going to bed.


    Blinking Your Eyes Frequently

    Dry eyes do get aggravated when you have been up to your ears in work or watching television for a long period of time. Many people do not blink often while working at a computer, and this eventually results in dry eyes.

    Try to use artificial tear drops to get timely relief from prolonged computer work. Try doing some eye exercises every day for relief. You can start by closing your eyes at a count of 2. Next squeeze your eyelids completely together and then open your eyes at the count of 2. Continue this exercise for 7 minutes.


    Cold Milk

    Any kind of disturbance to the tear film of the eye can cause dry eye syndrome. Constant burning sensation and soreness would distort the vision, so try to sprinkle cold milk on your face and eyes to reduce eye strain and fatigue.


    Flax Seed oil

    Dry eye is a complex disorder, which causes visual disturbances, so try to include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet for dry eye treatment. Omega-3 fatty acids are present in flax seed oil. Try to include fish oil or flax seed oil in your diet.

    Consuming flax seed oil can put a stop to dry eye syndrome in the long run. It is better to include the oil in your diet rather than applying it in your eyes. Flax seed oil is one of the best sources of essential fatty acids that is good for treating the dry eye syndrome.



    Considered to be one of the most versatile foods, honey is a helpful tool in supporting your healthy body as well as giving a glow to your skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey are beneficial in soothing your eyes and keeping them hydrated. Here's a simple remedy - take a few drops of honey and some pure water in a bowl.

    Mix the ingredients well and add two drops in each eye. Using this ingredient can eliminate dryness and redness. You can also add a few drops of undiluted honey to your eyes. It may burn a little, but you will start experiencing positive results in no time.


    Fennel Seed Tea

    This is one herb that provides moisture to your eyes. Applying fennel tea compress can restore the moisture in dry eyes. In boiling water, add 1 tsp of dried fennel seeds and then allow the mixture to stay for 15 minutes. Strain the tea and use soaked cotton pads in the warm tea and then leave it on your closed eyes until it regains some moisture.


    Washing Your Eyes Often

    Try to clean your eyelids frequently during the day to reduce the symptoms of dry eyes. Use baby shampoo or a mild soap to gently massage the closed eyes. Frequent and gentle washing of the eyelids can control inflammation. Moreover, it is an alternative way to open the clogged meibomian glands to treat dry eyes. Make sure to rinse your eyes properly before you open them.


    Lavender Oil

    Eyes that suffer from lack of moisture due to the damage in the tear gland can experience dryness. To cure this, you can use lavender oil, which is 100 percent organic. Never apply it directly on to your eyes. Make sure to mix two drops of lavender oil to pure water and then apply the mixture to your eyes using a clean wash cloth. This remedy helps soothe your eyes.



    For centuries, mothers have used chamomile oil to calm their children while crying and for soothing stomach ache. Chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that manage to soothe dry and sensitive skin. It also helps to reduce the redness and eye puffiness.

    Even chamomile tea can restore the moisture in your eyes and prevent dryness. Soak a chamomile tea bag in a cup of freshly boiled water for about 10 minutes. Make sure to strain the tea bag and leave it in the refrigerator, until it becomes cold. Soak cotton pads in the tea and apply it only on your closed eyes for 10 minutes. Doing this every day can reinstate the lost moisture.

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