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5 Effective Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Having bad breath is a serious bummer.

Your friends make fun of you even as they keep a safe distance away. You mom keeps pestering you to go brush your teeth one more time. And strangers have been known to recoil away from you in shock.

But we aren't telling you all this to make you feel worse than you already do.

It's all just a set-up to introduce the following remedies for bad breath that you can easily find at home (or the nearest supermarket).

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So let's get on with it.

#1 Drink Lots of Water

If there is a magic drug, it is water. Even an apple can't compete against its usefulness.

And that's exactly why you should have more of it, if you have bad breath.

Water will simply wash away all the odor-producing bacteria and food particles in your mouth.

Just remember to drink some (and rinse your mouth) after you eat something.

#2 Munch on Some Crunchy Vegetables

Don't you just love it? The word "crunch"?

I do.

But that's not the only reason why you should grab a carrot stick (or cucumber) and munch away on it.

The mechanical action of chewing on something dense naturally cleans away all the plaque stuck to your teeth and gums (which causes bad breath in the first place).

#3 Have Some Yoghurt

Probiotics are amazing.

They stock up your gut with good bacteria. Give you a natural farm of healthy nutrients. And are tasty when made right.

But did you know that having a cup of sugar-free yoghurt twice a day for six week can naturally get rid of your bad breath?

Now you do.

#4 Sugar-free Chewing Gums

Your class teacher may not approve, but chewing gums just got cooler.


Because not only do they shake off all the food stuck to your teeth, gums, and tongue, some of them (like xylitol gums) also prevent bacteria from growing in the first place.

Grab a pack, will you?

#5 No Sugar. Only Spice

Some of us love to eat food with lots of herbs and spices in them. While some of us don't.

But this point isn't about what you like in your meal.

It's about your bad breath, and how herbs and spices can help you cure it.

Herbs and spices like, mint leaves, parsley, fennel seeds, anise, and cloves.

By the Way...

Did you know that commonly shopped items, like coffee, orange juice, and cheese, are often responsible for your bad breath woes?

In fact, they aren't the only ones on the list.

8 Foods & Drinks That Cause Bad Breath

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