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Consume A Mixture Of Cumin (Jeera) & Jaggery Water, Watch What Happens To Your Body!

By Chandana Rao
Jaggery Cummin Water Benefits:नाश्ते से पहले पिएं जीरा और गुड़ का पानी, नहीं होगी ये समस्या |Boldsky

A popular quote of health goes like this, "The greatest gift you give to your family and the world is a healthy you!"

When we dig a little deeper into the above-mentioned quote, it makes a lot of sense because the state of our health definitely determines the happiness of our near and dear ones.

Healthy and happy citizens definitely help make the world a better place!

Imagine what the world would be like if there was an absence of a number of devastating diseases!

That way, people could save the money they spend on hospitals and medications and on something that could bring them joy and excitement!

However, the truth is that even with all the advancements being made in the field of medical technology and with all the awareness being created among people, the health of the people around the globe in general is deteriorating!

Yes, a number of statistics and surveys have found that our ancestors were much healthier than us, even though they mostly relied upon herbal remedies and natural medications, unlike today's modern medications!

Experts opine that the health of the modern-day people is poorer because of the lifestyle habits, environmental changes and pollution!

Today, stress, work pressure, competition, financial burdens, etc., are on the rise and these factors can definitely contribute towards the ill-health of a person.

Also, poor eating habits, pesticides and hormones used in food produces, pollution, etc., are also prevalent today, which can make a person very unhealthy.

So, the combination of all the above factors bring about a host of diseases in many people, regardless of age and gender.

Modern medications can prove to be harmful for your health in the long run, so natural remedies are advisable.

Consuming jeera and jaggery, mixed in hot water can have over 9 health benefits!

Just mix 2 teaspoons of jeera and 1 teaspoon of jaggery into a glass of hot water and consume it on an empty stomach before breakfast!

Have a look at the benefits, below.


1. Aids Digestion

Jeera is rich in potassium and cumin oil, so it can help neutralise the acids produced in the stomach and promote a healthy digestion, by reducing acidity, indigestion, gas, etc. This drink can even be consumed after a heavy meal to boost good digestion.


2. Helps Weight Loss

Weight loss can be an extremely strenuous process and must be a combination of diet and exercise. Along with a strict diet and exercise regime, consuming the mixture of jeera and jaggery water can also boost your metabolic rate and quicken the weight loss process, as both jaggery and jeera contain potassium.


3. Treats Constipation

Consuming a mixture of jeera and jaggery in hot water every morning can help prevent constipation, as the minerals in these natural ingredients combined with hot water can soften the stools and lubricate the intestines naturally, so that the waste can pass out of your body with ease.


4. Purifies The Blood

A number of impurities and toxins could be accumulated in the blood for many reasons and could cause diseases. The minerals in jaggery and jeera have the ability to flush out the toxins in the blood stream and purify the blood naturally.


5. Boosts Immunity

The magnesium and potassium content in cumin and jaggery can strengthen every cell of your body and make it strong enough to fight the disease-causing agents on their own, thereby boosting your immunity and keeping you healthier.


6. Reduces Period Cramps

Menstrual cramps are a lower pelvic pain experienced by many women during their periods. The minerals and antioxidants in jeera and jaggery can boost the flow of more blood to the region to reduce inflammation and pain caused during this time of the month.


7. Treats Anaemia

Anaemia is a very common yet serious condition in which the haemoglobin levels in the blood decrease, causing weakness and a number of other ailments. The minerals and potassium content in jeera and jaggery can boost the haemoglobin levels naturally to treat anaemia.


8. Treats High BP

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a condition in which the pressure of the blood flow against the arteries is very high, leading to heart ailments and stroke. The potassium content in cumin and jaggery can balance the pressure of blood, thus treating this ailment.


9. Relieves Joint Pain

Many people, especially sportsmen and older people, experience joint pain due to the inflammation of the joints or weakness of the bones. The potassium and other minerals present in the jeera and jaggery mixture can boost the blood flow to the joint to reduce inflammation and pain.


10. Boosts Energy

This mixture of jeera, jaggery and hot water acts as a natural energy drink, as potassium is a very good source of energy! So, consuming this drink every morning can keep you active and energised throughout the day!

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Story first published: Thursday, December 28, 2017, 15:00 [IST]
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