Effective Methods To Overcome Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain has turned out to be the most common disorder existing among adults. It is said that around 8 out of 10 people suffer from lower back pain during some point of time in their lives.

This article will give you an idea of the methods to reduce lower back pain. Lower back pain is of three types, namely acute, sub-chronic and chronic.

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If the pain lasts for less than 6 weeks, it is of the acute type. If it lasts for 6-12 weeks, then it is sub-chronic in nature. If the pain prolongs for more than 12 weeks, then it is chronic.

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It also turns out to be an ignored disorder though it is prevalent among many. There are several reasons why lower back pain occurs. It may develop due to a spine problem, lumbar stenosis, sciatica, disc injury and many more.

Acute lower back pain is usually treated with painkillers and other medication. But when it comes to chronic pain, it is recommended to consult a doctor if the pain lasts for more than 6 weeks.

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This pain can be overcome with the help of some natural and effective methods. This article will provide you with a list of methods to reduce lower back pain. Take a look.


1. Light Exercise:

Keeping the body active with light physical exercises will reduce the sharpness of the lower back pain. It also relieves the stress in the muscles and joints.


2. Limit Your Rest:

It has been found that people who simply lie on bed for longer hours can be greatly affected by the lower back pain. It is recommended to remain moderately active when you suffer from a back pain. This is one of the best methods that will let you know how to cure back pain naturally.


3. Maintain A Good Posture:

Faulty posture can actually lead to spine problems. Slouching in front of the computer can strain the back muscles; and this may lead to lower back pain. Good posture can be regarded as one of the best methods to reduce lower back pain.


4. Heat And Cold Therapy:

Alternatively applying hot and cold packs on the back will provide relief to back pain. You can also go for the one that provides you with maximum comfort and relief.


5. Empower Your Core Muscles:

Strengthening the abdominal muscles will help relieve lumbar spine pain. This will reduce the strain on the lower back muscles and therefore reduce the risk of muscle damage and tearing.


6. Increase Flexibility:

So, if you have been wondering how to reduce lower back pain, here is the answer. It is important to increase your flexibility, so that the load will be equal throughout the body. Stretching and balancing exercises will help increase flexibility and reduce the tension in the back muscles.


7. Correct Sleeping Position:

Sleeping in the wrong position or on a bad mattress can aggravate the lower back pain. Make sure to maintain the spine in a neutral position while sleeping. This is also considered as one of the best methods to reduce lower back pain.


8. Stop Smoking:

Did you know that smoking causes spinal pain? This is because, it contains a compound called nicotine that constricts the small blood vessels and limits the blood flow to the soft tissues and muscles, also restricting blood flow to the back muscles.


9. Go For Herbs Like Ginger:

Ginger is said to be the most effective remedy to reduce back pain, as it contains potent anti-inflammatory properties. This will let you find a good relief from your lower back pain fast.

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