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10 Best Ways To Prevent Asthma Attack During Diwali

By Sripriya Satish

With Diwali around the corner, the air is already filled with festive spirit. This is, of course, a wonderful time to celebrate with firecrackers, sweets and dazzling clothes.

But along with the fine celebrations, there comes along with it a lot of drawbacks in the way this festive occasion is celebrated.

What with the smoke-filled air and the piling garbage due to the firecrackers burnt all around during this time!

The most affected lot is, especially, the asthma patients. The smoke and pollution arising due to firecrackers spoil their mood to enjoy the festival.

The thick polluted air can leave them wheezing and suffocating, making it difficult to breathe.

Even the people who are not diagnosed with asthma find the polluted air affecting their lungs which causes various breathing problems.

Best Ways To Prevent Asthma During Diwali

This article deals with some of the best ways to keep asthma at bay during this time of the festival of lights.


Wear A Mask:

One of the best preventive measures to protect yourself from the Diwali cracker menace is to wear a mask, which can be easily bought from the nearby chemist store. Otherwise, a handkerchief or a scarf can be used to protect the nose and mouth from the impure air. Wetting the mask is a nice way to promote easy breathing.


Avoid Areas Where People Are Bursting Crackers:

It is best to avoid the streets where more crackers are being burst. By avoiding the smoke-affected areas one can easily prevent asthma attacks. Please do avoid bursting crackers yourself and thereby not contributing to the polluted environment.


Stay Indoors:

With a whole lot of people bursting crackers all around, the best solution to avoid the highly polluted air is to stay indoors. Keeping all the doors and windows shut would be the possible choice. If you do have the luxury of an air conditioner then you can use it in full swing to avoid possible suffocation.


Keep Your Inhaler Handy:

With the smoke rising all around, you might get an asthmatic attack anytime. One of the intelligent ways to prevent this situation is to have the inhaler handy which would instantly relieve you from this uncomfortable health condition and make you comfortable. Foreseeing the possible health hazards due to air pollution and taking the necessary precautionary measures, like this tip given, is a must for everyone.


Keep Yourself Away From Cleaning:

Cleaning done before Diwali festival is an integral part of its preparation. But, mostly asthmatic patients are allergic to dust and during cleaning, there are chances of these dust particles entering the mouth and nose. This may result in wheezing and suffocation which is why it is best to keep oneself away from cleaning.


Take Vitamin C And D:

Taking vitamin C and D which are abundantly found in fruits and vegetables is a must, especially during festival times. Vitamin C boosts the immune function and can easily prevent common cold. Being a powerful antioxidant it keeps various diseases at bay. Also, vitamin D helps in setting right the ailments of the autoimmune system.


Eat In Small Quantities:

Proper diet during the festival time is a necessity to keep oneself fit and enjoy the celebrations. One tip can be to eat in small quantities the delicacies being served. Sweets are a natural enemy to asthmatic patients. The sugar-rich diet which is common during Diwali time can cause allergic inflammation of the air passage and narrow it down. So eating the delicacies in small quantities is a must to keep asthmatic symptoms at bay.


Drink Plenty Of Water:

Staying hydrated can go a long way in keeping the asthmatic symptoms at bay. This can be attributed to the fact that lack of water vapour in the lungs can constrict the airways and produce more mucus in the lungs thus leading to asthmatic attacks.


Strictly Avoid Alcohol:

Festivals and get-togethers call for a drink for a few of us. But for those suffering from asthma, alcohol should be a strict no-no. The preservatives contained in the alcohol can trigger attack in asthmatics.


Do Not Indulge In Oily Foods:

Indulging in oily foods during the festival should be avoided as it may constrict the air passage making it difficult to breathe thus aggravating the asthma symptoms.

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