Amazing Natural Remedies For Low Blood Pressure, Dizziness & Sinus

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Dizziness, swelling and low blood pressure are conditions that occur due to frequent changes in the temperature and high humidity. These conditions have a negative impact on all, but they have a very dangerous effect on heart patients.

This article presents you with natural home remedies for low blood pressure, dizziness and sinus. These conditions generally occur because the body needs certain a time to adapt to the climatic changes.

It is important to consume more fluids and the nutrition must be adaptive to the weather conditions. Most people also look out for prescribed medications that will offer some short-term relief from this problem. These home remedies are known to take care of the problems effectively, without creating any unwanted side effects.

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When the blood pressure is low, it leads to inadequate blood flow to the brain, heart and other vital organs. Low blood pressure also occurs due to low blood volume, heart disease, adrenal insufficiency and many more.

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Continue reading in order to find out the best natural home remedies for low blood pressure, dizziness and sinus.


Drop In Blood Pressure:

Drinking ginger tea will help to keep things under control. It also helps to relieve anxiety and cold feet. It is considered best to avoid fried and fatty foods to help prevent high BP.



Dizziness occurs due to the sudden change in atmospheric conditions. Consuming tomato juice will help in a great way. It contains a lot of potassium that helps to overcome dizziness.



Hot water vapour can help moisten the sinus. A hot steamy shower will also help loosen up the mucus and debris that is stuck inside the nose.


For Swelling:

Take parsley leaves and root, chop them and put in a pot containing 1 L of water. Boil this for five minutes. Later, transfer it into a bowl and leave it covered for 20 minutes. Strain the liquid and drink this liquid three times in a day. It will reduce any form of swelling in the body gradually.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 20:30 [IST]
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