13 Early Warning Signs Of A Stroke You Should Never Ignore

13 early warning signs of a stroke

A stroke is a medical condition wherein a blood clot lodges inside a blood vessel in your brain, thus cutting off the vital oxygen supply to one or more parts of it. This can lead to brain damage, paralysis, and sometimes even death.

Therefore, a stroke is a serious medical emergency and requires an immediate attention.

So, here are 13 early warning signs of it.


1. Drooping Face

If you suddenly develop a lopsided smile where one half of your face is unable to move or has numbed out completely, then it is a clear sign of a stroke. This happens when the nerves supplying the muscles of your face become damaged due to the lack of oxygen supply.


2. Weakness In One Arm

Another clear warning sign of a stroke is numbing out or weakness in at least one arm with the inability to raise it over your head.


3. Slurring Of Speech

If you suddenly start to slur in your speech, chances are that there is a clot blocking the blood supply to the part of the brain responsible for speech and communication.

In such cases, you need to rush to the emergency room of your nearest hospital because, without medical intervention, you may end up losing your ability to speak.


4. Weakness Or Paralysis Of One Side Of The Body

A stroke usually manifests as weakness or paralysis in some part of your body or an entire half of it. And if it's the latter, medical intervention is vital because two-thirds of stroke patients are known to end up with a permanent disability without it.


5. Pins And Needles Sensation

If you have been sitting down for too long or were sleeping over your arm, the chances are high that the pins and needles-like sensation you feel in your legs or your arm is not because of stroke. But if you suddenly develop this sensation in the middle of an activity that usually does not cause such a problem, then you might be showing the symptom of a stroke.


6. Blurred Vision

Another sign of stroke is blurring of eyesight or trouble with your vision in one eye. It can occur because of lack of oxygen supply to the occipital lobe of your brain that is responsible for your vision.


7. Dizziness

Dizziness is a common sign of stroke and is caused because of the lack of oxygen in a part of your brain.


8. Abnormal Gait

If you suddenly find it difficult to walk from point A to B, which has never happened in the past, then chances are good that you are suffering from a stroke.


9. Severe Headache

While most of us have experienced headaches of some form or the other, the headache experienced during a stroke is much different. In fact, it is more severe than any other kind of a headache you might have experienced in the past because it is the sign of your brain crying for help before death.


10. Memory Loss

Again, this symptom is seen only when the part of your brain responsible for storing memory is affected, like the frontal or pre-frontal cortex.


11. Behavioural Changes

Since our brain is responsible for our behaviour, people suffering from a stroke often show behavioural changes like anger, anxiety, and confusion that is not normal for them.

In fact, some people permanently face this problem even after surviving a stroke.


12. Difficulty In Swallowing

You may not realize this, but you keep swallowing your saliva once every 15-30 seconds. In fact, an average human being swallows around 600-800 times in a 24-hour period, excluding the times we voluntarily swallow during our meals.

So, if you suddenly are unable to swallow and start to drool, then it's a clear sign of a stroke.


13. Muscle Stiffness

If the nerve supply to your muscles becomes damaged because of the stroke, you may develop muscle stiffness in one or more parts of your body. And this is usually observed only in one-half of your body.

What To Do Next?

If you have one or more of these above-mentioned symptoms of a stroke, call for help immediately and notify the people that they need to get you an immediate medical assistance.

Emergency number to call an ambulance in India = 108

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Stay safe. Stay aware.

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    Story first published: Friday, December 15, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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