4 Effective Yoga Poses That Help To Treat Headache

By: Mona Verma

Headache - reason can be anything like whether stress, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, improper diet, long and short sightedness and of course tension. Around 90% of the youngsters are suffering from this problem and end up consuming painkillers and letting their body meet a greater disaster. Do you know Yoga can help treat headache to a great extent?

Dear readers, don't let your body go for a fix, after all it is yours. At one point of time, your entire energy drains out and you will be unable to concentrate on your important task. At times, it becomes so unbearable that you even start puking, and if it is frequent, your entire routine gets disrupted.

yoga to treat headache

Now your answer is YOGA, which has the ability to relieve your tension instantly. Apart from this, it also calms your mind and enhances your blood circulation. Once your body gets detoxified or rejuvenated, you get free from such a problem and feel like getting back to work and your performance also gets enhanced.

Remember one thing while performing the yoga poses that can naturally cure headache, don't force yourself for any pose. Just go with the flow. As a beginner, it would be difficult for you to perform even basic poses, but don't feel disheartened.

Here are 4 easy yoga postures that can help you to get rid of the constant headache:

yoga to treat headache

1. Padangusthasana: 'pad' means foot 'Angusta' means toe thumb in Sanskrit. This is one of the basic yoga poses. The best part of this asana is that it helps you to stretch all your muscles from head from toe and utmost thing to be kept in mind for performing this asana is to practice it on an empty stomach and do it in the morning for better results. If you are performing this asana in the evening, make sure your stomach is empty for 6 hours at least.

Steps to perform this asana:
• Stand straight and keep your feet parallel to one another, but 6 inches apart too, and legs should be straight.
• Bend your knees in such a way that your knee caps are lifted outwards.
• Bend forward and aim to touch your forehead to your knees and there should be a collaboration of your head and torso.
• Get hold of your foot toe with the respective side of hand and hold it firmly. Don't exert. If you are not able to touch in the first go, be easy and keep practicing.
• Inhale and exhale in tune and concentrate on your breathing. By lifting your torso, keep your elbows straight.
• Do this at least 10 times and then straighten your body and hold your toes throughout.
• Relax and get back to your position.

yoga to treat headache

2. Ardha Pincha Mayurasana: "Ardha" means half, "Pincha" is feathers and "Mayura" means peacock in Sanskrit. This is also an easy standing pose and is also supposed to be performed on an empty stomach. This pose is somewhat like an inverted 'V', with forearms and toes on the floor and the remaining body must form a 'V' shape. This pose also relaxes your body and provides relief due to headache.

Steps to perform this asana:
• Get down to your knees and hands as well.
• Now, by placing your forearms on the ground, ensure that your elbows and shoulders are in the same line.
• Making your legs straight, lift your back and hips.
• Shoulder blades should be firm enough and should be into your ribs, and neck should be free, lifting your shoulders away from ears.
• Walk in towards your arms.
• Inhale and exhale in a tune and hold on to this pose for a few seconds. Do this 12-15 times.

yoga to treat headache

3. Prasarita Padottanasana: "Prasarita" means Wide or stretched out, "Pada" means Foot, "Uttana" means intense stretch and "Asana" is pose. This pose is also supposes to be performed on an empty stomach. The beauty of this pose is, once you are done with it, you will feel healedand it basically eases you.

Steps to perform this asana:
• Stand straight in Tadasana.
• Begin by taking your right foot a step back in a way that your body looks forward.
• Stretching your hands at the shoulder height, make sure it is above your feet. Then, bring your hands to your hips.
• Lengthen your chest as much as you can towards the sky and stretch your torso to the max, inhaling deeply.
• Now, get your crown to the ground and push your buttocks towards the ceiling.
• Place your hands underneath your legs or on the mat, with your elbows bent, or you can hold your toes with your hands.
• Be in the pose for about a minute and concentrate on your breathing. Now, your torso should be parallel to the floor. Taking the support of your spine, get your hands to your hips and lift your torso.
• Get back to Tadasana and relax.

yoga to treat headache

4. Viparita Karani: "Viparita" means inverted and "Karani" means doing, hence, as the name says, you need to perform this pose in an inverted manner. It means legs up and head down. You have to follow this pose also on an empty stomach and this is the best pose to treat headache, as it helps to circulate blood to every part of the body. As a beginner, this pose might be tough for you, so you can use a round heavy pillow or a thick blanket as a support.

Steps to perform this asana:
• Sit close to a wall in your room and spread your legs in front of you and the left side of your body should be touching the wall.
• Inhale and exhale calmly. Now lie on your back with the sole of your feet facing upwards.
• Get your buttocks close to the wall and your back and head should be resting on the wall. Now, your body will be in the 90 degree angle.
• Now, keeping your helping prop, lift your hips and take the support of your hands.
• Keep your body stiff. Be in the position for 2-3 minutes and concentrate on your breathing pattern.

By following these poses, your headache will vanish after a few days, but you must seek the help of an expert before trying any of the difficult Yoga poses and ask your doctor if you have any problem.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 22:30 [IST]
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