Best Workouts To Quit Smoking

By: Ajanta Sen
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Nicotine is believed to be the worst drug that can destroy the human body slowly. Smoking obviously supplies a certain amount of nicotine to the body every time a person smokes.

Whether you believe it or not, it is a worst habit that people often find easy to adopt to but very difficult to give up.

As a matter of fact, smokers feel an urge after a certain period of time, and that urge is very compelling indeed.

On many occasions, people decide to quit smoking, but they always give up to the urge that becomes stronger, particularly at the time when they had the habit of smoking.

Many things have been suggested, and most of them have mixed results for the users. It is time to know the workouts that help to quit smoking.

It is true that workouts and exercises can do some wonders, and the effects of good exercises can never be overlooked or denied. In the opinion of the workout experts and physiotherapists, workouts can be extremely effective in getting rid of the smoking habit.

Following are some of the best workouts that can help you in your effort to quit smoking:


Morning Walk

Apart from the most popular of the exercises, both morning walk helps your body to get a great amount of physical activity that reduces the urge of smoking at times.



The best thing about jogging is that they never cause any side-effects, even if you carry them out for a long time. Taking a troll in the mornings everyday can be a great advantage for you.



It is probably the best workout that helps quit smoking. Besides, it strengthens the muscles from top to bottom of your body. Try to schedule at least one outing to the swimming pool every day. It would be great if you happen to schedule it at a time when you feel the maximum urge for a cigarette.



Yoga exercises are undeniably the best workouts that help quit smoking. these exercises are available in many forms, and it is always safe to get the suggestions of the best ones directly from the yoga gurus. However, you would need to be very particular about doing these Yoga exercises with strict rules and regulations.



Everyone agrees to the fact that cycling is very effective in developing sound bodily habits. Besides, cycling increase the fitness of the body and help to maintain it for a longer period.



Dancing is one of the best ways for you to get rid of smoking. Divert your mind to dancing and see the benefits you are gaining from it. Dancing reduces the effects of bad habits, and smoking is certainly one of them.


Play Games:

There can be no exercise as natural as playing different games that require bodily movements. Play with your friends, and spend some time playing with your family. It can bring some amount of happiness and you would get a better bodily fitness level too.

Most of these are accepted as the best workouts that help quit smoking. The best thing about these exercises is that they do not make you feel bored. They leave permanent advantages to your body as well.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 13, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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