Yes, You Can Recover Fast From Dengue; Try These 8 Ways

By: Shubham Ghosh

Dengue is a disease which has caused us a lot of worry in the recent times. It is generally transmitted by the Aedes aegypti species of mosquitoes and has a number of symptoms like fever, headache, muscle, skin rash and joint pains.

If you are looking for quick ways to treat dengue, then do read on!

There is no vaccination for dengue (though the vaccine is given in an advanced stage); and this disease, which can also be fatal, can best be prevented by maintaining a hygienic lifestyle.

Causes Of Dengue:
Dengue is generally caused by living in areas that are not clean; for example, neighbourhoods that have stagnant water, allowing the breeding of mosquitoes and the ones that are unclean in general.

It also affects those who have low immunity or have been infected earlier. If you have a low platelet count, you are more vulnerable to the disease.

The diagnosis of dengue is generally done based on the patient's symptoms and physical check-up.

How to treat dengue? As mentioned earlier, there is no specific treatment for dengue and the patient needs to have a suitable diet and enough rest to recover from it. Paracetamol can give a good relief, but it is always better to consult a doctor when it comes to treatment for dengue. Adequate fluid intake is very essential if you have been diagnosed with dengue.

Quick Ways To Recover From Dengue:
Yes, it is possible to recover fast from dengue if you follow a diet regime. Here, we list some foods, consumption of which will help you fight the menace effectively, take a look:


1. Take Medicines On Time:

None of us like taking medicines, but taking them on time decides how fast you can recover from a disease like dengue. Ensure that they are well within their expiry dates, and in case you have any side effects of taking the medicine, meet a doctor.


2. Drink Enough Of Fluids:

By enough, we mean enough. Frequent water intake flushes out the toxins from your body. If you do not really like to drink water so often, have coconut water, homemade lime water, fruit juices, etc.


3. Begin Your Day With Fruits:

When diagnosed with dengue, you will not feel like eating anything, but still, we advice you to have fruits to start your day. Pick fruits like sweet lime, apple etc., instead of juice, since you will have an empty stomach early in the day.


4. Eat Foods That Are Easy To Digest:

South Indian foods like upma and idli are easy to digest and hence are advised for dengue patients. Their nutrition level also helps in increasing your platelet counts. Have these foods whenever you want. It won't hurt.


5. Don’t Keep Your Stomach Empty:

Quick ways to treat dengue must include this one. Have small meals frequently, so that your stomach doesn't remain empty, as it can lead to relapsing of the disease.


6. Add More Fibre To Your Diet:

Dengue patients can develop constipation as a result of medication, and hence it is important for them to include enough fibre in their diet. Have enough fruits, vegetables and grains.


7. Say No To Junk Food:

Avoid foods that have little value when you are in the recovery stage. Having those fatty and spicy foods when you have a low immunity can make it more worse for you.


8. Taking Rest:

This is very important to recover from dengue fast. Also, follow up with your doctor regularly.

However, before anything, try to protect yourself from mosquito bites, since dengue is spread by these bites. Keep yourself covered and maintain a good hygiene in the surrounding areas.

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Story first published: Friday, October 14, 2016, 11:30 [IST]
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