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Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness

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For many families the idea of travel is marred by encounters of motion sickness. While many people grow out of the condition, a lot of people have to deal with this problem on a long term basis. In certain cases, people can take days to completely recover from this. However, there are certain ways in which one can prevent motion sickness.

Motion sickness takes place when there is a failure of communication within the body itself. Let us say you are sitting in the vehicle and reading. Your eyes are telling the brain that you are not moving, but the movement of the vehicle is telling your brain another narrative.

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Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness

What your body feels is just out of sync with what the perceptions are. Basically, this set of conflicting or mixed signals set a number of reactions that we identify as motion sickness. This is how motion sickness occurs.

Symptoms of motion sickness include frustration, sickness, vertigo, cold sweats and, obviously, vomiting. Sadly, some kids seem to have motion sickness regardless of what they do.

Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness

There are certain ways in which motion sickness can be prevented. While travelling, if you have the tendency to get motion sickness, fumes can make things worse. So, try to sit where you will get the least amount of smell. Loosen your collars and belts.

Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness

Also wear loose, comfortable clothes while travelling. Make frequent stops on long trips and walk around. Avoid fast foods, carbonated beverages and desserts. Keep yourself occupied with games and books while travelling long distance.

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Motion sickness can be prevented with the help of herbal remedies like ginger which has been proved to prevent motion sickness. Add ginger juice to a glass of water and have it half an hour before you leave and after that take small sips every half hour for the rest of the trip.

Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness

There are several people who have attempted acupressure and find that it works extremely well. Breathing exercises also help. These are completely safe and have no adverse effects.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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