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Shocking Diseases Of The Mouth

By Super Admin

The mouth is an important part of our body. However, unlike other parts of our body, we hardly pay much attention to it. It is high time we started taking care of our mouth as research has proved that there are certain shocking diseases that can occur in your mouth.

The first one is angular cheilitis which results from cracked corners of the mouth. Angular cheilitis is not the primary cause of the cracked corners, it is the result. This happens when moistness begins settling in the corners of the mouth, and microorganisms and yeast begin developing.

Angular cheilitis may become serious, which might lead to other health problems. The bacteria in the mouth produces harmful substances that are then carried on into your stomach. This could cause heart problems, liver problems and tooth decay. That is why it is sensible to treat the condition soon, if you notice you have cracked corners of the mouth.

The cold sore is a disease of the mouth. You get it when you have fever or cold. This is infectious and can be treated with over the counter medicines. Frequent cold sores are however a reason of concern and need to be treated by a trained medical practitioner.

Thrush is a disease of the mouth that is caused by the candida yeast and the condition can aggravate if you suffer from diabetes, are taking certain antibiotics or certain medications and have a weak immune system.

The black tongue is a very ugly disease of the mouth which makes the tongue look black and hairy. It can be caused by smoking, antibiotic use, drinking a lot of tea or coffee and when the mouth does not produce enough saliva.

Sometimes you get small but painful blisters in your mouth. This can be caused by stress, hormones, lack of vitamins in your diet, infection and hypersensitivity. They can show up on your tongue, gums and cheek and cause a lot of pain.

Leukoplakia can show up as plaques or white patches in the mouth and can be caused by smoking, badly fitting dentures and rough teeth.

Story first published: Sunday, August 14, 2016, 19:41 [IST]
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