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Remedies For Excessive Pain In Lower Back

By: Ajanta Sen

Modern lifestyle is transforming humans into machines, but it is good to remember that the reality is entirely different.

Men may work like machines, but their body is made up of blood and muscles that machines do not have. The faulty lifestyle has brought some great harm to the human body.

This lifestyle is affecting everyone on this planet of ours. The impact of this faulty lifestyle can be witnessed from a newborn child to a dying old man.

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These impacts spare no one and that is really a great matter of concern for every human being living in any part of the world.

Though the human body suffers from many types of diseases, the problems caused by pain in lower back are really unbearable.

As per the study reports, more than 80% of the population in the US suffer from pain in the lower back, and the most dangerous thing in this story lies in the fact that the number is increasing fast.

Due to this fast-increasing number, people are busy in finding the best remedies to treat excessive pain in their lower back.

If you believe the experience of doctors, especially orthopaedic doctors, there are no medicines for the treatment of excessive pain in lower back.

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They believe that no medicine can work effectively when you talk about the best remedies for excessive pain in lower back.

As per the doctors and physiotherapists, each of the following treatment for excessive pain in lower back works effectively, have a look:


Reduce Bed Rest:

Excessive sleeping often causes pain in the lower back. To get a faster relief from this pain, the doctors suggest that people must reduce bed rest quite considerably.

This has shown a positive result to most of those men who have followed this in their daily lifestyle.


Keep On Working Out:

Exercises or workouts are extremely helpful for the treatment of excessive pain in lower back. People must find out the best exercises, from the experts, that can be effective on their body.

If you are looking for the best remedies for excessive pain in lower back, then keep this point in mind. Never perform any exercise without the suggestion of experts.


Yoga Exercises:

Though these are also exercises, they are different in their impact on the human body. Their impacts have been accepted by medical sciences too.

You must learn the right yoga asanas from an expert yoga teacher, and then continue doing them to get rid of the pain in lower back of your body.


Maintain A Good And Healthy Posture Everywhere:

Most of the doctors and physiotherapists believe that a wrong body posture is a basic reason for pain in lower back. Maintaining the right posture is an important treatment for excessive pain in lower back.

You must maintain the right posture while sleeping, walking, sitting and running. This can keep you healthy and free from all sorts of pain in lower back.


Build Strong Abdominal Muscles:

Weak abdominal muscles is a basic reason for excessive pain in the body, especially in the lower back. You must take the right initiatives to build these muscles strong, so that you can stay healthy from the excessive pain in the lower back of the body.


See A Specialist Doctor:

If all remedies for excessive pain in lower back do not work effectively, then you must see a specialist doctor, without any delay. It is important to detect if there is any other reason for lower back pain. You must follow the advice of the doctor to get rid of this excessive pain.


Avoid Taking Painkillers Frequently:

Usually, painkillers bring temporary relief and not a permanent solution. Besides, they cause loads of side effects too.

You must never accept taking painkillers as an effective treatment for excessive pain in lower back. So, avoid painkillers and opt for healthy natural foods to treat this condition.

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Story first published: Sunday, May 22, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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