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7 Quick Remedies For Heartburn

By: Aditya Banerjee

Having a heartburn? That uneasy feeling in the diaphragm and throat? Seems like there is fire in there that will engulf you? Well, stop worrying and blaming yourself for the junk food you ate last night.

Before you go down the guilt road and vow to eat right and on time, let's understand why you are experiencing what you are? Know your problem before you figure out how to get a quick relief from heartburn.

Heartburn typically is caused by gas formation in the stomach that pushes up to your throat, trying to escape out. This can cause tissue damage too if it is severe and repeat often over a period of time.

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Now that we know what causes it, let's look for some methods that will give you a quick relief from heartburn. You could try over-the-counter antacids or other allopathic and homeopathic treatments as well.

remedies from heart burm

But for people who are already on innumerable medication (which is one of the reasons of a weak stomach) or those who are averse to taking medicines, the answer typically is Home Remedy or the Natural Way.

Everytime I have approached friends and family, I have always been advised on home remedies on how to cure heartburn naturally.

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And everytime, the method would be different from my previous experience of how to get quick relief from heartburn 'natually'.

So, here are some methods I remember and have put together that will give you quick relief from heartburn and that too naturally.

remedies from heart burm

Chew Basil/Tulsi: Wash the tulsi leaves carefully before you eat them. You can have 4-5 leaves to get a quick relief. Tulsi helps to stimulate the mucus, thus reducing the gastric effect. It is supposed to have anti-ulcer properties.

Drink Boiled Cardamom Kashaya: Kashaya or concoction is the term used for medicinal drinks. Boil a few pods of cardamom for 5 mins and drink the boiled water. It will surely help reduce acidity.

remedies from heart burm

Boil Ajwain For 5 Minutes & Drink: Ajwain or Carom seeds is one I hear often when I ask how to cure heartburn naturally. A cup of Ajwain-soaked water in the morning and evening helps keep heartburn at bay.

remedies from heart burm

Drink Cold Milk: Cold milk with a spoon of ghee can help reduce the acidity in the stomach. Don't drink it hot, as it won't help. It also eases the burning sensation. So, remember to have it cold.

Detoxify By Eating An Overripe Banana: With its high potassium content, it is often considered that a ripe banana works as a medicine to detoxify the acidity level in the body.

remedies from heart burm

Chew On Aniseeds (Saunf): Aniseeds with their anti-ulcer property can help keep the body cool and also work as a good digestive. That explains why a spoonful of aniseeds is a practice in most Indian homes after a meal. Try aniseed-soaked water, that is, a cup in the morning and evening for quick relief and non-recurrence of acidity.

remedies from heart burm

Amla (Gooseberry) Drink: Amla oozes with vitamin C. It works wonders in helping with digestion. Grind the amla fruit, mix it with half a cup of water and drink this.

In my honest opinion, each to his own. Trial through experience of the above method is key to your getting quick relief from heartburn. So, good luck, keep your heart warm always with love not heartburn! Stay fit.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 11, 2016, 4:00 [IST]
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