Prevent, Treat & Know The Reason Behind Nosebleeds

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Epistaxis is the medical term for nose bleeding. This is a common problem which is seen in mostly kids, since they have the habit of sticking something up their nose, which tends to damage the tissue causing it to bleed.

When nosebleeds happen in adults it is the cause for high blood pressure, an infection in the nose or a sickness called, arteriosclerosis. However, there again is another cause for constant nosebleeds and this could be the first sign of cancer.

You should know that 90 percent of nosebleeds come from the front of the septum, that plane of cartilage that separates the nostrils. These are called anterior nosebleeds.

The nosebleeds from the more remote reaches of the nose are called posterior nosebleeds and these are less common, and are less likely to have a benign cause for it.

There are other causes for nosebleeds too, which is stated here below. Boldsky also shares with you some tips on how you can prevent nosebleeds as well as treat it at the time of occurrence.

Read on to find out more on nose bleeding and seek a medical expert's help if this problem persists:


Causes Of Nosebleeds

One of the main causes of nose bleeding is due to a sinus infection, severe cold, medications which include the overuse of nasal decongestant sprays, bleeding disorders like leukemia, liver disease, hemophilia and other hereditary clotting disorders and another cause of nose bleeding is due to trauma (scratching and destroying the inside lining of the nose)


Symptoms Of Nosebleeds

One of the main symptoms of nose bleeding is tiredness accompanied with a feeling of lightheartedness. This symptom is seen when there is excessive nosebleeds. Another symptom is blood found in the urine and faeces.


Treatment Of Nosebleeds

  • The first treatment is to pinch the patient's nostrils together, have them sit forward, and ask them to stay that way for 5-10 minutes
  • Do not tilt the head backwards as the blood can travel through the windpipe or the throat and this can cause choking too.
  • Do not use ice packs on the nose to stop the bleeding as this does not help.
  • You can also add moisture in the air if the bleeding is not severe. This will instantly help to stop the nose bleed.

Dangerous Causes Of Nosebleeding

Ebola virus is a fatal disease and one of the symptoms of ebola is nose bleeding. Leukemia is a blood disorder that affects the blood cells in the body, which causes the onset of bleeding nose. The last deadly cause is Hemophillia B, which is a rare disorder that causes unexplained bruising which includes nosebleeds.


How To Prevent Nosebleeds?

Add more citrus fruits to your diet. Citrus fruits contain bioflavonoids which prevent the blood vessels from rupturing thus reducing the chance of nosebleeds.


Your Medication

Certain medications like aspirin and heparin contain properties which thin the blood and this could result in nose bleeds. In case of nosebleeding, consult your doctor immediately.


When To Rush To The Hospital?

If it is a child who has injured the nose by sticking something up the canal, you should immediately rush the child to the doctor. If you have been in an accident and the nose is bleeding, it could be an internal injury and this might also conclude to a fracture in the brain. So, seek medical help at the earliest.

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